It is against Bimmerforums policy to allow the disclosure of radio unlock codes. We do not allow it! Any threads/posts asking for this info will be towed or deleted.

There is a reason. Many OE and aftermarket decks have this feature as an anti-theft feature. If a thief steals a unit that cannot be used it has little value. Therefore it will be less likely to be stolen. If it's easy to get the unlock code the anti-theft feature really doesn't do any good.

Whether you like it or not, that's the deal.

Here are 2 possible ways that a legitimate owner can get the unlock code. 1) Go to a BMW dealer and prove ownership. Some will do it for free while others charge a fee. They may have to r/r the deck to get the serial number so there would be labor involved. 2) Try at a good car audio shop. Most have working relationships with their local dealers and can get the unlock code. They may also charge a small fee equivalent to an r/r fee. The shop where I worked would charge $20.