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Thread: Carsoft 6.5 - can you help me interpret these diagnoses?

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    Carsoft 6.5 - can you help me interpret these diagnoses?

    OK, so here's the car (2003 Z4 3.0i manual transmission, build date February 03) had some relatively minor body work done in January. When I picked it up, the airbag light was on. My body shop does not have a BMW scanner so they couldn't tell me why the light was on.

    I bought the Peake tool but it's not compatible with my car so I downloaded Carsoft, installed it and updated it as per the other thread's instructions, and got a compatible interface.

    I am using a Dell laptop with a real COM1 serial port (not a USB to serial adapter).

    When I run Carsoft, here's what I get when running all the diagnostics:

    Total Diagnoses:

    DME / DDE diagnosis - Module does not respond
    Inst. Cluster dia. - ERROR ->read the error memory
    SIM diagnosis: Module does not respond
    AIRBAG diagnosis - OK
    ABS / ASC diagnosis - OK
    BC / MID diagnosis - Module does not respond
    DWA diagnosis - Module does not respond
    ZKE / ZVM diagnosis - ERROR ->read the error memory
    HKL diagnosis: ERROR -> read the error memory
    EGS diagnosis - Module does not respond
    EWS diagnosis - OK
    LCM / CCM diagnosis - OK
    PDC diagnosis - Module does not respond
    CVM diagnosis - ERROR->read the error memory
    CAS diagnosis - Module does not respond
    ZGM diagnosis - Module does not respond
    RLS diagnosis - Module does not respond.

    So the program can't communicate with most of the modules, the airbag system reportedly is fine and there are four cryptic errors which I can't find on the list I downloaded with the Carsoft codes or elsewhere on the net (listed below):

    Single Diagnosis Instrument Cluster Combination

    BMW Part Nr. 4116033
    Hardware Nr 3
    Software NR 5
    Diagnose index 20
    Modification index 9
    Bus index 13
    Code index 4
    Production date 49/2

    20 Internal error in the LCM module.

    Single diagnosis ZKE / ZVM - Status: ERROR

    Module info: ZKE / ZVM

    ZKE 5

    Supplier: Siemens
    Part Nr: 6 919 275
    Software Nr: 30
    Hardware Nr: 10
    Code index: 4
    Diagnose index: 51
    Bus index: 13
    Production Date: 4/03


    56 LED for DWA or wire is short-circuited to B+

    Single diagnosis AIRCO - Status: ERROR!

    Module info: AIRCO

    Version: AIRCO automatic

    Part Nr: 6 929 588
    Code index: 1
    Hardware Nr: 8
    Software Nr: 97
    Production Date: 3/03


    22 Auxiliary-fan relay

    Single diagnosis CVM - Status: ERROR!

    Module Info: CVM

    Part Nr: 6925897
    Hardware Nr: C0
    Software Nr: 18
    Diagnose index: 20
    Code index: 1
    Bus index: 13
    Production date: 2/03

    1C Soft Top Open Switch. Tension at ground level.


    1F Airflow switch locked: Tension at ground level.

    So I have an error for the instrument cluster, two for the convertible top, one for the A/C and one for who knows what. The funny thing is the A/C works perfectly (I have the manual controls, not the automatic version), the convertible top works flawlessly and the only thing wrong with my instrument cluster is the freaking airbag light won't turn off.

    I tried erasing the codes for all of the above but it would still read the same. At this point my best guess is that it's not compatible with my car. But I would appreciate any help you could give me, particularly for the ZKE / ZVM short circuit message.

    As for the airbag light, I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and pay the dealer to clear it...but if anyone has any idea how to clear it, he would be my favorite person in the entire universe for up to a month.

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    Just erase the error from the airbag module refardles of whether it is showing an error. This looks like you body shop have pinched or nicked the wiring harness. The ZKE/ZVM error says that the led indicator light (or its wire) for your anti-theft system is shorted to the battery + terminal. Since the ZKE/ZVM is interconnected with most other modules it is a strong possibility that a single short is generating all of the errors.

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    Thanks! I did try erasing the error from the airbag module but it didn't do anything... I guess we'll have to take the door panel off and see if there's any pinched wires.

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    Module ZKE/ZVM. - ZKE4.dxt error code 107 I got this code right after My rear Brakepad sensor went on so this code means brake pad sensor

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    hi there from carsoft to carsoft can you please give me the web page for carsoft update it would be very helpfull to a lot of us thank you for your time

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    Just to follow up, Carsoft 6.5 is useless with my car. I had to take the car to the dealer, where they cleared the airbag code (caused by starting the car with the airbag disconnected). Their computer didn't find any of the other problems Carsoft was reporting.

    I now have a SES light for code 0455 which my $30 OBD scanner found immediately, but which Carsoft 6.5 doesn't report. It throws a bunch of codes for other things, however, but I don't trust it at all. I'm selling it if anyone's interested. - a compendium of bad taste and vehicular disgraces


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