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Thread: Camshaft upgrade advice S50B32

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    i am not sure if these for euro m3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piets94 View Post
    Where did you source those cams from?!
    they were used...for 3 months, guy went with BIG sunbelt cams, he has Ti rods etc as well
    cheers, Alan

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    Any news?

    Have you looked at the Radlinger camshafts?

    Go to marketplace, then go over to the little window on the right.

    They have 284's (all the lift specs are listed). Radlinger has a very good reputation in Europe, they build a lot of the race motors for teams that run in VLN, Benlux Championships and Britcar. They cost 464Euro.

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    FWIW if budget is a problem I would find better area's to spend money on your car.

    A typical S50B30 produces around 300 HP on a dyno. I know a guy who has had his engine totally rebuild, and had the Schrick 284's put in straight away, with custom software and was able to get around 313 HP. Not really interesting for the amount of money involved if you ask me.
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    Hi, I am new here. I am from Taiwan. Is there any updated info about Schrick 296cams on S50B32 euro engine?

    I have built a '93 e36 M3 track car 3 years ago with S50B32 euro power/Single Vanos wiring room and customed tuned OE ECU/Schrick 284 cams/JE 87mm CR11.5 pistons/Bosch 315ml/min. fuel injectors. This car weighs 1330kg with driver, 5sp with 4.1 final drive. I didn't check the power with dyno. But I clocked 400m in 12.3 sec./176kph with street tire(265/35-18, 640mm tire diameter.). This car helped me won the local club race event championship in 2014.

    I'd like to build next S50B32 engine with the following parts for the next project:
    1. Schrick 296 cams
    2. VAC Dual-VANOS elimination kits with cam position trigger
    3. Supertech +1mm Intake/Exhaust vlaves with upgraded valve springs and Titanium retainers.
    4. JE 86.5mm CR12.5 pistons
    5. Cometic 0.070" gasket
    6. Haltech standalone ECU
    7. Carbon air box
    8. Upgraded Fuel Injectors?? (Any one has the recommendation about the specs.?)

    Can anyone help to provide some experiences?

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