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Thread: Feeler: Open Source OBC Firmware

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    Survey Results

    It's been almost two weeks since I posted the survey and the submissions appear to have trickled to a stop so I figured I'd report the results.

    15 people submitted the survey. A majority of those surveyed want the bare logic board option. Based on the feature priority it's also pretty clear that the S54 transplant and HPDE guys are probably driving most of the demand, and that demand is focused around supporting CAN bus and other OBD features, and control or access to various external devices (fans, pumps, or even flex fuel sensors). About two thirds of those surveyed want stuff like GPS and about half want the accelerometer, presumably for data logging on the street and the track.

    The average maximum price people were willing to pay for the bare logic board option was $230. That is within the realm of reason to cover basic hardware costs and the adaptation of the OpenOBC firmware, though I think $250 + shipping is likely to be the final price in quantities less than 100.

    Some people were willing to pay as high as $700 for the touchscreen product and with full software development costs that would not be out of the realm of reason but unfortunately the average was only $400 which is probably enough to cover only basic hardware costs and some preliminary software development. I am still a proponent of this product but the demand for it at present is low. I'm sure I could turn a few heads with what I have envisioned for this version of the product and that would increase demand substantially, but right now, without any prototype to wow people, there is little demand for the LCD version.

    Based on these results I can justify further investigation into a new version of the bare logic board in the form of a design audit. I will not, however, commit to anything more than that at this time. If there is anything specific that you would like to see in the new design that was not mentioned on the survey, now is the time to propose it.
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    Thankfully, full touch display, just doesn’t suit the E36 interior.

    Most important would be able to display all types of Bus data m/i/p and RxD/TxD data.

    ps I missed out on the servey.
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