View Full Version : AWSOME 2003 AUDI TT 225hp 6-speed

04-13-2003, 02:58 PM
2003 Audi TT Coupe Quttaro 6-speed 225 hp. 7500 miles, silver/black, fully loaded. The asking price is $27800....:eek:

:95 ...guess some of you guys may wonder why the price is so low?

It is because the title was salvaged by stolen and there is no one missing part on this car.

Sounds stranges huh?:nono

We get this car through wholesale dealer so i dont know who is the previous owner, I guess the owner used it to jack money from his insurance and bough t it back and sell it to us....but the car is definitely in perfect shape...guess he just hide the car somewhere and nothing happen at all...:evil2 :evil2

IMO if you guys dont really car the title thing and insurance sutff....it is a super good buy!!!! $27800 is just my boss's asking price so just send me an offer first and i will push it for you!!!

here is the link on Autotrader