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03-18-2003, 02:14 AM
I want to buy an E30 (post '89 body style preferable, '86-'88 will be given thought) coupe shell with interior.
-Blown engine, blown transmission, I don't care.
- I would prefer the body to be one of four colors: black, white, silver, or red.
- No body damage (minor dings ok) and good paint.
- No rust. The interior must be in relatively decent condition, no funky colors.
- Don't worry about SI board or OBC. Doesn't matter if the odometer is working or not.
- All glass must be in good condition. Power windows that work are not needed, so don't worry about it.
- Car must be a rolling shell, or at least have the suspension intact. (Wheels are not a must.)
- Car must also be within 750 miles of San Diego, California. Sorry about all the specifics, but if I'm gonna spend money on a car, it might as well be almost perfect. Will pay up to $700 and will move myself.
Note- Parts car does not need following parts:
- Engine,
- transmission,
- trunklid,
- glass,
- door innards,
- A/C,
- LF fender,
- hood
Car must have:
- most of the interior,
- wheels,
- tires (as long as they hold air, I'm good),
- suspension.
- Sport seat models preferred. Oh, and a headliner isn't needed either. I would like the car to be as complete as possible barring engine and transmission, but as I stated above it may be a little less complete.
-Car must be non-smoker, no accidents barring very minor fender-benders.
I am looking to replace my accident-damaged 325i, will consider trading my weary shell for your shell. Note: my shell has extensive body damage on right side and will not have engine, transmission, diff, or axles. (Negot.) You can keep the wheels and tires... I don't like Touring T/As anyway. Interior must be relatively clean. If you find me a car such as this at a junkyard, I will give you a commission provided I buy the car. Thanks.

06-11-2003, 09:11 PM
BUMP! I want the car to be within 800 miles of SD.

07-07-2003, 02:15 PM
B-u-m-p. My car is squeaking and it's driving me insane.