View Full Version : convertable m3 no power on hood fixed

03-01-2007, 03:39 PM
not so long ago it was a nice sunny day and decided to take hard top off and have roof down only to find it didnt work no power nothing, after phoning bmw cooper cobham they were willing to charge me 99 plus vat an hour (complete rip off) to have a look so i thought dont think so, so i had a little fiddle about in the boot and on the boot lid pull off grey fabric lining where youll find the boot latch central locking theres a wire that disconnects at the boot latch that is a micro switch to tell the covertable if the boot is open or not hense if its open it will cut off all power to the convertable for safety of both boot and convertable lids hitting each other get some wd40 get in behind the boot latch spray a load in there, youll feel the micro switch inside give a little wiggle and bobs ya uncle i done it in ten mins flat solving all problems or if faulty just disconnect the connecter it will all time then just remember to close boot lid before operating convertable....