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02-25-2007, 04:37 PM
Hi Everyone,

Having just put way more time into my 528 that I really want to, I decided not to go through with my stereo project - my house is a mess, I want to do the suspension on my M3, my dog smells bad and needs a bath ....

So I have for sale:

1) Pener's Panels. They let you upgrade your stock 5.25" woofers to 6.5" woofers. I installed one of the panels, but didn't feel like following through with the project. So one of the panels is pre-drilled to fit in the door and has 4 mounting holes for the speaker in it. I bought them for $55 shipped. Will sell them for $45 shipped. They are pre-cut for the following woofers:

2) Vifa Autosound 6.5" woofers. Vifa makes good stuff. Here's a link to the speaker page. I did install one and it sounded really good but I just don't feel like installing the other one, so I took it out. Used for around 2 hours total. I purchased them over at Madisound. Bought them because of the relatively low nominal power handling (60W) and high sensitivity (90db) so should be a good upgrade that will work with the stock amp. As you can see, I paid $31.00 each for these. Will sell for $50 shipped


3) Vifa Autosound tweeters. Bought them to match the woofers. I installed one of them and to my ears it sounded fantastic. Will de-solder the speaker wire connector on that one. As you can see, I paid $28 each for these. Will sell for $45 shipped. Here's a link to them:


Please PM me with questions. Thanks!

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04-28-2009, 11:49 AM
I know this ad is over a year old...any chance you still have the Vifa woofers?