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12-15-2013, 01:17 AM
BMW 850i 850CSi V12 6-Speed manual (http://www.panjo.com/buy/bmw-850i-850csi-v12-6-speed-manual-28218)

This is one fantastic BMW 850i. It is a 1991 with a V12 motor and the rare 6-speed gearbox.
The color is called Diamond Schwartz Black, but in person it looks more like a deep rich Charcoal color. The paint has been color sanded and is smooth and beautiful. And the interior is all black leather with a lot of rich wood trim on the dash, console, doors and gear knob.
There are some stories about issues with these V12 motors, but if the car has been well looked after by enthusiasts, as this one has, then these issues have been attended to. The previous owner of this car was one of the leaders in the 8-series community nationwide, and he knew everything about these cars and their motors. So the injector rail leaks, the oil rail leaks, the inlet manifold gaskets etc., etc have all been addressed and are no longer an issue.
These cars weigh over 4000 pounds, so they are not light nimble cars like an M3, BUT there are some things that really make the 850 more like the M3.
* This car has the latest generation K-Bar sway bars;
* it has adjustable front camber plates, and the camber increased to 1.8 degrees;
* it has Bilstein dampers that have been re-worked by Bilstein 3 times to arrive at a high level of performance and wheel control;
* it has lower, up-rated springs;
* These all combine to make the car light on it's feet, and handle way better than the stock car

* The differential has been re-worked and is now 50% locked, and the gear ratio is the quicker 3.15:1 from the 2.85 stock one.
* There is a Supersport Cat Back Exhaust with Magnaflow mufflers
* There are twin Comforti performance chips in the ECU's
* There is a short-shifter on the gear selector
* Recent balanced fuel injectors

On the outside there is a CSi M-Sport front and rear spoilers and also the CSi European mirrors
And the wheels are 8.5" front and 10.0" rear OZ Monte Carlo performance wheels, and the tires are 245-45/17 front and 275-40/17 rear

Please call me with any questions.....Stefan (623) 570-2777

List Date: 12/15/2013

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