View Full Version : E30 WTB: E30 dash with no cracks! and basic 6 button OBC!

06-10-2010, 03:22 PM
Looking for the above. I have a 6 button obc, but the screen is being taken over by orange! I have a 13 button, id be willing to trade for a 6 button, just really would prefer the simple computer.

Also, would like to find a dash for an e30 with no cracks, this may seem impossible, but its worth a try!

06-10-2010, 11:56 PM
I have a good E30 black dash with no cracks for $300 shipped. Pm me if your interested.

06-11-2010, 02:20 AM
I will keep that in mind, as for now, a little bit out of the price range. Thanks!

06-12-2010, 12:46 AM
What's your zip code, I may be able to get it to you cheaper?