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  1. Just wanted to be the first to post here.
  2. Any E30 M3 lovers out there?
  3. Jeez, where have you guys been!
  4. Drive: For All Ct And Local Area
  5. Any e30 M owners have e36 as previous car?
  6. ********Atlanta BMW Meet********
  7. 88 M3 Gear Shift rattle
  8. Let's get this board started!
  9. Some dyno tests of E30 M3 bolt-on mods
  10. I heard a babbling brook in my car this morning!
  11. Engine issues - does the E30 M3 have any?
  12. E30 M3s are ugly, don't you agree?
  13. e36 into e30 engine swap or 4cly turbo questions.
  14. I love this picture of my cousins m3
  15. WTB: E30 M3 (Silver/Black)
  16. CHICAGO mini-meet, saturday 9:30pm, woodfield mall
  17. I know this is from that "other board", but...
  18. A mess? No, a work of art!!
  19. Oil pan baffle
  20. Momo Steering wheel!
  21. New E30 M3 for me!
  22. *** e30 m3 pics! ***
  23. 2.5 89 m3
  24. e30 M3?
  25. Got my new car!
  26. Project E30 ///M ???
  27. Faux Evo, what wheels?
  28. I'm sick of my soft e36 and finally decided to get an e30
  29. Anyone have a faq or buyers guide to the e30 ///M3
  30. 18k to spend on an e30 what to do??
  31. E36 M3 motor in E30 swap
  32. So which M3 is quicker?
  33. Please feel free to make posts to this forum.
  34. H&R Springs vs. Dinan Springs
  35. Who's got a E30 M3 owners manual?
  36. I'm going autocrossing!
  37. Looking for an M3 in Texas
  38. Does anyone use their winshield washer?
  39. Hello. I just bought one. Here is pic.
  40. Information on an E30 M
  41. Trouble with my car
  42. What kind of suspension setups do you have?
  43. Part # Request..
  44. Pics of my car cover!
  45. Update on car
  46. Radiator
  47. No compression
  48. E30 ///M3 cams in an E30 M42?
  49. Hi guys...
  50. No lower end damage!
  51. 1989 M3 Electrical Troubleshooting Manual free to a good home
  52. Nearly In the Market
  53. Where Can I Get a Teflon Race Shift knob?
  54. Pictures of Diamond Schwartz?
  55. Leaky Cabin.
  56. Pics of my E30 M3 w/SSR Integrals
  57. 100000 on an e30 M3... should I take a chance?
  58. What size Wheels are good for an E30 M3, 17 in'?
  59. DTM Sport evo M3..(PICS INSIDE)
  60. Where to look for e30 M3's online???
  61. E30 M3 warning signs?
  62. failed smog
  63. Need Help ASAP on Front Seat Bracket install
  64. Where to buy an E30 M3 with a s50 engine?
  65. Just got my E30 M3....Need Help
  66. Just bought 1991 e30 m3...some questions
  67. My M3!!
  68. Help please
  69. replacing fan clutch?
  70. Where to buy an E30 M3??
  71. M3
  72. Engine miss
  73. Anyone go from E36 M to E30 M?
  74. 1989 DTM M3 Video !
  75. Is there an 02 sensor on my 1991 m3?
  76. 2nd Gear Synchros..HELP!!
  77. Anybody else have their gearbox "lock up"
  78. Cold Air Intake
  79. 2.3 vs. 2.5 stroker, E30 newbie
  80. slight miss
  81. How difficult to import a Euro/Canadian spec car?
  82. Why was my "slight miss" moved to the e36 m3 forum
  83. Question about throttle response
  84. question on idle(long)
  85. E30 M3 AA chips
  86. Removal Of A/C... how much weight saved?
  87. E36 Vaders in an E30 M3?
  88. Clutch problem
  89. Pics of an M3 with H+R race?
  90. Street/track suspension?
  91. E30 M3 as a daily driver?
  92. My Respray pics E30 M3
  93. Underdrive Pullies?
  94. HELP: Engine suddenly stall.
  95. FS: e30 m3 performance AA chip
  96. engineless m3
  97. **1989 M3** New Pics...
  98. S14 E36 racecar kicking everyones ass!
  99. e30 m3, cluster, from kilometers to miles
  100. (feeler) gb on full CF front dtm style bumper w splitter
  101. Major Work Costs
  102. Someone give me a reason not to buy this.
  103. Huge E30 M3 gathering in NorCal: Here are some Pix
  104. Cleaning ellipsoids
  105. E30 M3 Owners, anyone selling?
  106. Tools for differential fluid change?
  107. Found this...Thought it would be useful to you guys.
  108. GMW/CSL = LS6 in '88 M3
  109. Anybody have a set of e30 m3 springs FS
  110. Warsteiner E30 M3 race cars, looking for info
  111. what are some key things t look for when buying a E30 M??
  112. Rust on Strut Towers - Please Advise
  113. 2.5L engine and CA emissions?
  114. Tech. Question????
  115. Pros and Cons
  116. E30 pics
  117. am i right if not please put me in my place
  118. How many horses???
  119. Warranty???
  120. Found a Low Mileage e30 M3 for sale on eBay
  121. Argh!!!
  122. E30 M3 Wat to look for when Buying One
  123. m3 spark plug wires
  124. Where to get good information on M3s
  125. M3 article
  126. Ohc
  127. Took my m3 to the track
  128. How fast is a spec miata compared to a 325is or m3?
  129. selling my 1990 e30 m3
  130. E30 M3 for a first car?
  131. ECU Mod?
  132. M3 pics
  133. FYI Group Buy
  134. New 2004 M3 based on E30
  135. Hello New here
  136. //S14.net is now open.
  137. Warsteiner E30 M3 video
  138. My newest BMW
  139. E30 M3 Race Footage
  140. question for Alex McHenry
  141. what does the offset control arm bushin dor for m3
  142. some new pics from today
  143. I want a E30 M3
  144. lights inside car
  145. E30 M3 re-make in 2004
  146. Reinforcing the subframe
  147. short shift kit
  148. E30 M3 as a daily driver? Opinions appreciated.
  149. Sparco , tower brace .
  150. E30 M3 Convertible?
  151. I usually look and post on the e28 board but I found this
  152. New E30 M3 Videos
  153. Question About Euro CR Trans.
  154. Cams
  155. Beautiful E30 M3 on Ebay
  156. My New M3!!
  157. Help!!!please Read!!!
  158. boystoys!!!
  159. Need A Little Advice on Racing Seats
  160. help out.. might be future owner of e30 m3! HELP!
  161. White E30 M3 near Palomar
  162. New here, but I know a lot of you....
  163. gig'em?
  164. Finaly , a new mod
  165. Difference between M3 and 318
  166. DTM Exhaust Tips
  167. Will E36 Staggered M3 wheels fit on a E30 M3
  168. How much for E30 M3?
  169. where to buy Rieger parts
  170. Any M3 vids?
  171. FS on DTM: 1990 e30 M3 - low miles
  172. Brake pads for E30 M3??
  173. tranny
  174. New pic !
  175. Rebadging The Exterior
  176. E30 M3 a good choice for me??
  177. My cars run from BMW car feature ( avi)
  178. good deal for this m3?
  179. driving cross country in an e30 m3 120k+ miles
  180. pics of hennarots!!
  181. What is a 325i M-Technic?
  182. TRAN question
  183. Part # request
  184. Educate me about E30's
  185. What Manual Do You Use?
  186. knocking sounds
  187. Who's up in here?
  188. 2.5l
  189. Spacer's fr rear trailing arms.
  190. My 1991 M3 (photos)
  191. whats this m3 worth
  192. New pic of my M3
  193. M Color car photo for NorCal bay area
  194. temp.
  195. how much did you pay for your e30 m
  196. HELP: With Wheels, Tires and Suspension
  197. Building 2.5L s14
  198. Spec E30 Racing Series
  199. M3 Grad School Poll & Survey - Please Ans Both
  200. Chip information??
  201. Idel prob.
  202. M E30 rear apron
  203. if i were to buy
  204. M3 Survey for Grad School
  205. Use of Aftermarket Standalone ECU Versus Chips
  206. need help
  207. Timing Chain raddle
  208. Maintenance cost of e30 M3 vs. e36 M3?
  209. E36 M3 guy needs advice on possible purchase
  210. High Mileage?
  211. Is this worth doing? (btw im new so im sorry if this gets asked a lot)
  212. Euro smoked elips?
  213. Another question from a new guy....
  214. M Parallell Wheels? Will they fit???
  215. Will 205/50-15's fit on my stock rimmed E30 M3?
  216. Valve springs
  217. eat your heart out guys
  218. BBS RK's on an e30 M3?
  219. Any of you 2.5L guys have probs with Cali gas?
  220. What kinda gas do you guys use?
  221. Anybody looking for a shell?
  222. Bought my First E30!
  223. Pic of my new ride
  224. For the love of god, stop me before I buy this E30!!!
  225. 18x8.5 rims, what tires?
  226. cams
  227. 2.5L EVO engine
  228. Turning on AC blows fuse immediatly - more
  229. Problem with central locking
  230. Fr.bumper clear indicators & clear rear lights
  231. E30 M3 on DVD
  232. Sweet E30 M3 for sale
  233. Finially got the car Dyno tuned!
  234. Help
  235. 6'6"... should I look elsewhere?
  236. price question
  237. E30 M3's ever come without a spoiler?
  238. thinking about hosting a track day....socal ppl
  239. Where is all the E30 M3 guys?
  240. WTB: E30 M3 rolling chassis
  241. Question about GC spring length.....
  242. Body ?
  243. DTM mirros
  244. WTB E30 M3 front bubmper cover
  245. newbie and heres my car
  246. Engine?
  247. s50 engine conversion worth it?
  248. Looking at E30 M3 this weekend. Need some advice.
  249. GC Noise from front perch......
  250. S14 race wheel fitment