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  1. Preventing detonation and pre-ignition
  2. Ignition tables
  3. Tech talk: Why 2v heads need more advance than 4v heads.
  4. EGT Temps
  5. yes engine tuning at at last
  6. post your data logging set ups
  7. aem infinity standalone on e36 obd 1
  8. How to tune: tuning literature
  9. Domino Tuning Suite
  10. XDF vs bin vs rom. What are they?
  11. obd2 vs obd1 tuning - Ideas how to seperate this forum
  12. PNP wiring for MS3x to OBD1 m50 Harness
  13. Blow-through vs Draw-through 803 maf
  14. M3 .bin files for EWS delete, SAP delete, O2 sensor Delete
  15. E36 1997 323i turbo conversion tune
  16. PLEASE READ - RE: Posting software / files / etc.
  17. BMW bipolar pwm driven iac idle control valve
  18. fuel pumps
  19. flex fuel sensors
  20. Help chooseing AFR gauge with datalogging
  21. proper shielding in a harness
  22. S52 MS41.1 Map for M50 manifold
  23. Cobb Accessport vs JB-4
  24. M54 Tuning - Is It Worth It?
  25. Help with ECU flash and Service Engine Soon Light E46
  26. BMWLogger anyone using it with a turbo car?
  27. 3d surface map in excel
  28. maf calibration or meth flow measurement
  29. HKS Knock amp, new sensor help.
  30. DINAN TUNE.worth it?
  31. Sport mode 335is
  32. LS2 Electronic Throttle Body Troubleshooting
  33. BMW M3 DSC or MDM mode
  34. N54 Exhaust help
  35. help smt6 M42
  36. N54 Exhaust help
  37. help upgrade m20b20 intake manifold & throttle body to b25
  38. obd1 e36 m3 tuning
  39. backend flash
  40. Oreilly brand air filters versus BMS air filters
  41. stock e46 with 12.5 Afr idle???
  42. E90 tuning
  43. Can someone explain cylinder smoothing?
  44. Megasquirt m20 wiring question
  45. M235 Xdrive Dinan Stage 2
  46. Winfkp virginized the ews?
  47. Remove engine to replace valve guide seals?
  48. Megasquirt MS2: M50 trigger setup
  49. Tuning a Stromberg 150/175 CDET carb
  50. e46 tacho on megasquirt?
  51. advice needed on e36 turbo water lines
  52. New efi loom
  53. Basic TEC3R map to get the car to run? Please help!
  54. Looking for Epic ECI tuning software
  55. C101 PIN #7 question / diypnp
  56. engine performance tuner kit, unidentifiable manufacturer
  57. solid flywheel convertion clutch plate only lasted 3 months what clutch do i need e46
  58. simple q, someone please help
  59. Thread: Defaultl ecu map of the E30 316i m40b16
  60. this the nam for comandar site
  61. 2005 116i Valve Timing and Head bolt Torque Settings
  62. 3 inch after the cats?
  63. e36 m3 BMWFLASH question
  64. M52 + M3 cams +M50 intake +Raceland 'shorty' headers : Best resource for a tune?
  65. Best starter performance chip/ what's needed?
  66. MS43 DTC's factory codes vs obd
  67. Dwell BMW coils
  68. E53 Horsepower!!
  69. jb4 tune on 335i
  70. E36 m3 dinan stage 4
  71. 402 DME turbo Tune with moates ostrich 2
  72. engine tune advice??
  73. The Mega (MS3x) Journey
  74. Fuel pump, cam shaft position sensor or crank case sensor
  75. E30 computer question??
  76. New tuner questions
  77. Oem tach use with megasquirt
  78. Turbo
  79. I'm stuck and Getting Codes from engine swap
  80. software for s50 cams in m50tub
  81. Is high oil pressure a problem?
  82. EWS Delete Siemens MS43 + Logger + checksum disabled +...
  83. New to BMW! Looking for answers 2001 325i
  84. Dinan parts for e39 528i
  85. Stand alone with Auto trans
  86. Coolant Leak
  87. Advice for my N/A build
  88. Best chip for 98 323is
  89. SS steel BMW egr blank bypass removal kit (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/171607237278)
  90. N55 with SES light after BMS Stage 1
  91. Miller WAR tune help/feedback needed please
  92. European Software for e39 540i?
  93. Newbie here: What's a good turbo kit for a z3 2.0l?
  94. 435D - tune-up???
  95. Tune 335i
  96. Tuning a 2008-2012 M3
  97. Kassel performance ecu for 97 328is
  98. How to install m54b30 vanos exhaust can into m50tu
  99. Check engine light
  100. BMW Z4 E85 after FL 2,5i N52 custom exhaust
  101. Indeep ECU remapping
  102. Hi, Intro/new owner, 2015 320ix, need lil council on JB4 stage 1/2 tuning etc. +
  103. Cam timing.
  104. DPF/Remap/Rolling Road test in the North West?
  105. 94,e31 850 CSi needs EML
  106. Bought a CPO 4 series on August 30th, engine malfunctioned & need replacement
  107. x5 d35 remap
  108. BMW z3 m52 2.8L Intake swap
  109. S54 problem
  110. S52 Cam Position (anyone running full sequential?)
  111. anyone have a stage 3 or 3+ car near philadelphia?
  112. Engine tuning 2015 535ix
  113. jb4 software??? where can i find it?
  114. Warchip basemaps
  115. Help me identify these injectors? Gray body, yellow top
  116. M20.
  117. Searching for a complete XDF file for e36 318is 950/990 DME
  118. How to run a M70 on megasquirt?
  119. 330xi e46 Engine Tune
  120. Ms41 software question...
  121. MegaSquirt Installation Ideas for OBDII E36
  122. 2000 328i engine into 2000 323i
  123. help
  124. Superchargers
  125. Modifying BMW 335
  126. 318TDS EVRY Mod / Varible resistor mod
  127. Stock sensor connector and pin help [xpost]
  128. Performance Software for E91: Turner vs Active
  129. Setup Spark duration Meqasquirt 2
  130. spark plug socket
  131. Looking for Tuning Advice..
  132. Replacing transmission fluid
  133. Dinan turbotronics t9
  134. M60/62 Tuning N/A
  135. BMW EWS Immo Emulator
  136. falling edge coil driver ignitor igniter ignition control module
  137. Anyone have a Dinan transmission chip for 97 540i?
  138. Who is doing remote OBD1 tuning or located near Pittsburgh?
  139. M52 OBD2 turbo tuning?!?!?!?
  140. F80 PID/Message IDs
  141. Help me to not grenade my S52 ?
  142. S50/S52 cams.
  143. M20B27 - What oil?
  144. Bin trade??Anyone?
  145. S52B32 US Timing Chain Tensioner Noisy After Headgasket Replacement
  146. M50 Ecu(haltech,aem) which one?
  147. 95 325i no start
  148. Dinan Stage 2 Question
  149. M50 M52 S50 S52 temperature sensors
  150. M54B25 to M54B30. No start/help with tune.
  151. need someone to tell me why tune is not working
  152. 04 BMW 325i
  153. Reprogramming a performance chip?
  154. Question about '92 325i ECU
  155. odd thing is the Wiki page does not mention
  156. EPIC Calibration Interface failure to validate VIN
  157. 059 Ecu + ostrich 2.0 + Innovate LC-2 wideband tuning help
  158. Need to flash E46 M3 ECU tune back to stock.
  159. Bosch ME7.2 question
  160. S52 Dinan stage 4 Dme into modified M52
  161. Schrick 264/256 cam timing
  162. E36 328 tuning help.
  163. Using Dinan products without the software update?
  164. M54B28 to S54 ECU and DME conversion.
  165. Engine tuning options for 2000 540i
  166. N55 DP FIX, area74, we have a story to tell.....did we fix it? YES WE DID!!!!
  167. Chipwerke Pro in 2011 335D
  168. e46 325i tuning options
  169. Tunning my 525I
  170. Article: The EPA wants to make it illegal to modify your car for racing
  171. Help with DME Flashing and Programming (3/97 e36 328is)
  172. What should be the AFR value at WOT for a NA engine?
  173. E39 540i vf supercharger ECU tuning
  174. tuning my e60 528i
  175. tuning my E34 M50b30 stroker
  176. Bluetooth tool / something else that can pull simple data from 97 M3 ECU?
  177. S52 S/C kit on a 98 M52 328I W/ M50 mani and S52 cams. Will the "tune" work?
  178. Combustion Analyzer 5 Gas- For tuning and smog- Which one to get?
  179. Aftermarket ecu & ZF 8hp45?
  180. Can someone give me the basic rundown on tuning?
  181. Swapped DME,EWS and chip in key, no start/crank
  182. Tune Shop in Las Vegas?
  183. 1998 e36 m3 turbo build? help!
  184. Adaptronic Engine Management New Modular ECU
  185. Tec3r
  186. Help.. S52 engine swap
  187. BMW 545i muffler delete
  188. 2009 535XI service/maintenance questions
  189. e36 323i/328i ms41 EWS delete and rev limiter bounce change (not increase rpm)
  190. Need help with tune m50 with S50 cams, pink top injectors, 540MAF
  191. BMW 530i e60, modifications
  192. Engine Sounding ?! || BMW 2000 323i || Please Help :(
  193. e61 525i engine upgrade help!
  194. 2007 e93 flash remapped, worth getting an open soure remap?
  195. Dyno shop strapped my car up wrong
  196. Engine oil pressure help!!
  197. Smoke from tailpipe
  198. 2000 328i looking for cheap n ez diy HP
  199. need help with harness asap!
  200. Problems RPM between 600 to 1000
  201. Ok to flash an ms41.2 with an 'encrypted' tune?
  202. E36 Dme flash precautions
  203. dual vanos from a M54 into a S52?
  204. m54b30 intake camshaft on m52b25 with stock exhaust camshaft
  205. Hex flash cable does not work e39 540i 2002. VF Supercharger
  206. turbo kit for 2001 330i bmw? worth it at 127K?
  207. EPIC Motorsports Support with DME Diagnosis
  208. '99 328 Power Numbers?
  209. Ecu tuning for m62b44tu supercharger
  210. scanner can not read the ECU
  211. E36 OBD1 Turbo ecu tune ?! Need help & Advice
  212. E87 2005 116i bigger engine swap ?
  213. E30 325e 1985
  214. Tuning Help NA e36 M3
  215. 350 Crank HP with built S52
  216. New car not sure of mods
  217. My 07 335i Drive Sport won't engage.
  218. m50 or m52 turbo ms1/ms2
  219. Bmw e39 m54b25 ms43? Re85 conversion/maps
  220. Reliable tune with good gains?
  221. S52 Turbo Help
  222. Diesel engine remap DIY
  223. m57 diesel crank in m50
  224. Bmw code 2B63 camshaft exhaust sensor ?
  225. Permanently Tune/Delete Fault Codes from ECU
  226. E60 M5 Tuning
  227. Poor gas mileage
  228. Understanding FRM model numbers
  229. Adding a wideband. Should an H or X pipe be added?
  230. N20 F30 tuning
  231. 2000 bmw 328i e46
  232. Modded 135i Questions
  233. Rktunes getting error
  234. budget orientated M52 tuning options.
  235. Anyway to adjust idle for s52 on INPA?
  236. Diff B/T ECU upgrade for N55 Dinan-Hartge-Alpina-Enzo Perf-Active Autowerke ?
  237. M52 standalone ECU.
  238. RK Tunes Email?
  239. Need help for E32 735i ecu 179 xdf for tunerpro RT
  240. M62b44tu dme7.2 ECU Tuning
  241. alpha-n tune
  242. I ordered on X pipe and a dual catů The cat is a single chamber. Redundant?
  243. complete tuneing newb ?
  244. AFR and tuning map for M70 engine
  245. N54 335 tune issues
  246. DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner Stage 1 for BMW F10 535i (EWG) (MPPK) - is it good?
  247. New to this forum, thanks for havin me, looking for some guidance tuning an obd1
  248. m52/VEMS/turbo
  249. Help for defects on Turbo N55 , E93
  250. Companys for etune for N55, E93?