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  1. Removing rear wiper arm on touring...
  2. The UNOFFICIAL E39 Touring Thread!
  3. How to lower an e39 touring with SLS for free
  4. NOTICE: No FS (For Sale) threads allowed in this sub forum!
  5. 01 Touring SLS rear is stuck and wont go down...
  6. E39 Touring air spring/line and reservoir info for SLS
  7. Touring - filling rear bushings rather than replacing
  8. How do you lower an E39 Touring WITHOUT self-leveling?
  9. 528i touring clutch zeroed - in need
  10. 540 Touring front end creak and shimmy
  11. tailgate actuator question
  12. E39 Touring Air Reservoir Mystery Hose
  13. Need Tranny - 2000 528iT manual - options?
  14. Touring: self leveling suspension issues
  15. Touring diff ratios
  16. Sagging Rear - Touring
  17. New member, 99 540i Touring with some minor issues
  18. Will any e39 hood fit a 2000 Touring?
  19. Touring - SLS Non-Sport to Sport??
  20. Question from a E34 540iT/6 owner.
  21. BMW 530 Diesel touring - NOT STARTING
  22. Lowering e39 540 touring
  23. Very Nice Touring Cargo Cover and Net Black... Cheap!
  24. Good deal, good car? 528iT (Supercharged) Sports Wagon
  25. 99 Touring front undercovers with m5 front bumper
  26. Touring Owners, Have a Set of Rear Coilovers Your'e Not Using?
  27. 2001 525iT Build Thread
  28. 2003 BMW 525i Touring
  29. E39 touring LS swap project
  30. Pic Request of Lowered Touring's
  31. removing the rear springs on a touring
  32. Weight reducing E39 touring as drifting / ice car?
  33. TOURING/WAGON owners: question about tailgate lifts
  34. TOURING/WAGON owners: question about tailgate lifts
  35. DIY : Touring Shadowline - The Easy Way
  36. Looking for spring rates. Touring rear
  37. New Touring Owner Intro
  38. Is is possible to swap out Self Leveling suspension?
  39. 2003 540 m-sport touring 6 speed swap
  40. Touring Leak?
  41. Deutscheparts Touring subframe bushings
  42. Touring rear shock question (looking for a shorter equivalent shock)
  43. Strange Happenings with my 99 Touring Wagon
  44. Needing Touring rear shocks
  45. New to me Touring
  46. Touring specific questions / conversation
  47. Hi, my name is Jeff and I have a touring...
  48. Thank you
  49. Sneak Peek
  50. Suspension options for lowering the E39 Touring
  51. Existing E39 Touring Info and DIYs.
  52. Nice Touring forum! Today was Touring winter wheel day :^(
  53. Umnitza MTech Rear Bumper fitment?
  54. E39 Touring - Custom Audio Upgrade
  55. Bumper/Door Moldings
  56. 540iT up for sale
  57. E39 525D Starting Problem!!
  58. My daily - 10/98 528it/5 (big pics)
  59. 6cyl touring guys
  60. Introducing my new 2002 525iT 5speed Sport Wagon
  61. 2003 M Sport Touring in TX
  62. 2002-540it for sale in texas
  63. Removing Rear Upper Control Arm
  64. Touring meet
  65. HOME(depot) MADE Intake and Heatshield... :)
  66. Slow friday at the shop... e39 M5 Touring
  67. TOURING OWNERS: thinking of replacing your tail and window lifts?
  68. how to remove rear hatch....
  69. Bay Area: Suspension Install
  70. semi noob question
  71. Tailgate indicator says open?
  72. Front end Shake
  73. What would you replace your touring with?
  74. Bought an 03 540iT M Sport! New to the forum.
  75. Tightening up the rear
  76. First small roadtrip in my s62 m5 swapped 540it
  77. Tint %
  78. Lowering springs for a 540i touring w/sls
  79. Looking for a used rear shock upper mount for non SLS
  80. Just bought a 2003 525it Sport.... wheel ideas
  81. E39 Touring - Specific DIY links, FAQ's & Knowledge
  82. New to the world of Touring!
  83. Possble 540iT - GN90995
  84. 530i Touring wanted in UK after Xmas
  85. For Sale 1998 BMW 528i Loaded All Options--$9,980
  86. 540iT suspension upgrade, here we go......
  87. Most common sources of rain leaks?
  88. auto colantare ( wrapping a car )
  89. M5 wagon (aka MIT) Pics
  90. Bluewater Touring
  91. Any thoughts before I tackle brakes and thrust arms
  92. tailgate tool kit reinstallation
  93. Am I screwed? New 525it owner
  94. SLS Height Adjustability with Software?
  95. Wheel Sizes and Fitments for Touring Rear W/SLS
  96. Top Gear season 19
  97. What diff is used in the e39 540 touring?
  98. ses light not working...PLEASE HELP!!!!
  99. What should I sell my girl for?
  100. 525it/5 or 528it/5?
  101. Installed Eibach sways, etc.
  102. Rear Tailgate Window Popping Open By Itself
  103. Aftermarket Trailer Hitch for E39 Touring
  104. can u tell me what that knocking noise is?
  105. can u tell me what that knocking noise is?
  106. I have a question for the forum.
  107. What does the triangle mean?
  108. E39 caster plates
  109. 540 Touring Tranny Swap
  110. good deal for OEM M bumpers
  111. DDM bumper installed
  112. Hatch/glass strut question
  113. rear brake pad insulating ring
  114. For sale: 540iT sport black black sport has 10k miles
  115. Ridiculous number of E39 tourings in my area
  116. Sorting out the new car...
  117. Glossy Black Trim
  118. How do you guys get these nice hi res photos posted?
  119. 1st noob move, broke the cooling system bleed screw
  120. Low-Rye-Der
  121. Breyton Wheel Info?
  122. Another! Rear tailgate problem!
  123. Tailgate unlocks in reverse
  124. Bumper swap / trim Qs
  125. Bumper swap / trim Qs
  126. Umnitza M5 rear bumper?
  127. New 528iT owner with difficult questions.
  128. Replaced cup holders, that was easy...
  129. ABS Module Repair - Module Repair Pro SoCal
  130. interesting E34 Touring for sale on e-bay
  131. Air Spring....they shipped me the wrong one!!!
  132. Back to an E39, now a 540it
  133. Just changed the spark plugs on the M54....that was easy.
  134. M5 PolyPropylene Rear Bumper any fitment issues?
  135. B&G front spring set part number????
  136. E39 Touring - springs and Thule roof rack
  137. Lowered Front End W/ B&G
  138. What cables are these on the trunk door/window
  139. E39 530d MAF issues
  140. Installed:BC coilovers,Bilstein sports,M5 f/r sways, M5 steering box...
  141. WTB: 2001-2003 e39 Touring
  142. Rear tire width question
  143. 528it for possible driving schools?
  144. Rear license plate filler removal??
  145. (?) Repairing tailgate rust?
  146. Bilstein rear shocks with upper mounts FS
  147. Celis bulb issue, left rear, no codes...?
  148. Hazards, dome light, and doors unlock occasionally when turning on headlights
  149. 03 525it, anyone know what this is???
  150. 1998 E39 528i Wipers stopped working.
  151. WTB: Driver Front Strut / e39 touring
  152. Nice Audi All Road Video
  153. 540i m62 swop into 525i m sport touring
  154. I think I can ??
  155. Drain hole /windshield run off
  156. e39 - Wheel Question : Style 135
  157. 520 se misfiring when warm
  158. How to fix rear seat locking mechanism
  159. M5 Front Bumper being painted....finally.
  160. Need Wheel Help
  161. exhaust question
  162. OEM M5 Mirrors
  163. Uuggggh!!!!!!
  164. e39 front bumper
  165. 528iT muffler options - No cutting, SINGLE tip...Car has cutout in bumper
  166. BavAuto SLS Lowering Kit...anyone use it?
  167. my daily high mile 540it.
  168. WindShield Fluid not working
  169. 5 Months later and here's my intro thread
  170. Matte Hellrot
  171. Facelift rear lights on pre facelift do we need to drill new holes?
  172. Rockin' the Reps for the Daily...
  173. Cheap diagnosis .....alignments....
  174. Style 166 for an E39 Touring?
  175. What would you pay 540it
  176. Stasya Got New 19' Wheels
  177. What kind of tranny?
  178. Weird Leak / Water Drainage
  179. New to BMW's
  180. Radio wire harness adapter
  181. Valley pan kicking my a$$
  182. Anyone ever seen a roof rack spare tire mount?
  183. BMW 523iA 1999 - Battery drain
  184. WTB: TONS of new and used e39 touring parts
  185. Water inside...grrr
  186. DINAN front springs
  187. My Brakes are Squeaking!
  188. Swaybar upgrades
  189. Help with battery, please
  190. She is gone...
  191. Coolant pipe
  192. Coolant pipe
  193. Front coilovers, front bearings and rear adjustable links...
  194. Automatic trunk lid option - Need to drill any hole or not?
  195. Need Help! Touring Rear Window.
  196. e39 locking issue.
  197. Now lowered, Rear camber and toe adjustment maxed out!
  198. No. Cal Touring Meet ?
  199. OEM Bumper Finally On
  200. M5 Wheel Question (E39)
  201. Rear Seat Mounting Bracket
  202. anyone running bags?
  203. Need pics of Amp/Radio Tuner/CD Changer/Nav equipment w/ brackets
  204. Quest to find the Vibration issue...60-75 mph
  205. Opinions on buying a touring?
  206. Can't Open My hood!
  207. Can't Open My hood!
  208. Some recent pics of my touring
  209. Having a hard time finding a touring
  210. e39 Touring Hatchback hydraulics are shot
  211. what type of transmission fluid?
  212. Out with the E34, In with the E39
  213. Anyone in the Portland area?
  214. Group Buy - E39 Touring ///M-Sport Rear Bumpers
  215. Sway bar options for 2002 540iT w/SLS
  216. Should I pull the trigger
  217. Replaced the OEM antenna - $17 solution
  218. 528iT Exhaust
  219. 540i M-Tech SLS Issues. What am I missing??? (Also some Pics)
  220. Anyone know if Celis inner tails are epoxied?
  221. E39 tailgate ajar warning light will not go out.
  222. OEM amplifier
  223. Looking for M5 bumpers
  224. Tinting a Touring
  225. New Member Intro - New (to me) e39 Touring
  226. PSA. Check your battery tray mounts
  227. Idle surging.
  228. Anyone in the Costa Mesa ORang County Area
  229. style 32 options
  230. Jeremy Clarkson's review of the E39 Touring used in Top Gear!
  231. HI and bye
  232. Tailgate - Fuel Door Gremlin
  233. How Long did you search for your Touring?
  234. questions before buying a 525i touring
  235. Using E34 CD Players in E39 Tourings?
  236. Grant's 540i Mtech Thread
  237. Front Bumper Options 2001-2003
  238. 99 Touring for sale VA
  239. My Touring At Work
  240. BC Racing in front, what in rear?
  241. e39 auto transmission
  242. E39 Roof rack options
  243. fuel gauge suddenly stopped working
  244. 528IT lowering options
  245. Door Moldings - Touring Vs Sedan
  246. Inside trunk lid beige
  247. Saving a 540it
  248. what do these do ?
  249. Three different Touring tail lights
  250. 2000 528i manual code p0500