View Full Version : E46 Common Problems and DIY Fixes

  1. INFO: E46 Instrument Cluster Test
  2. E46 Diy
  3. DIY: M50 Manifold Install - Modifing the OBD2 IAT sensor to fit into the OBD1 Manifol
  4. DIY: Remote Key Re-Initialise
  5. DIY: e46 factory alarm, clown-nose, flashing blinkers, & chirping (no install)
  6. DIY: BMW E46 key fob reprogramming
  7. INFO: Inspection I and II lists
  8. DIY: Hardwire a Hella TC-400 TPMS Into Your E46
  9. DIY: Rear differential swap
  10. INFO: List of E46 fault (SES) codes
  11. DIY: E46 Idle Control Valve (ICV)
  12. DIY: E46 Angel Eyes install walkthru
  13. DIY: Window Regulator (Advanced)
  14. DIY: Front bumper removal
  15. DIY: Z3 short shifter E46 install (Video & Picturess)
  16. DIY: Curb Rash Repair
  17. DIY: Center Console Removal
  18. DIY: Window Regulator and Wind/rattle Noise Fix
  19. DIY: Remote Wire (Angel Eyes) Without Footwell Lights
  20. DIY: Front Strut Bar Installation
  21. DIY: Rear window regulator fix (Advanced)
  22. DIY: Thermostat (manual M54)
  23. DIY: Taillight TSB fix for 2002-2005 facelift sedan
  24. DIY: Ashtray Frame Replacement
  25. DIY: Front Strut Replacement
  26. DIY: Installing the E46 First Aid Box
  27. PART 1: E46 Power Folding Mirror Upgrade Complete Pictorial Guide
  28. Pictorial DIY: Updating E46 Tail Lamps/Rear Fogs to Euro Facelift Tails
  29. DIY: Custom GPS Dash Mount
  30. DIY: Millertime E46 DIY Videos
  31. DIY: Windshield Washer Pump Replacement
  32. DIY: Auto to 5-speed swap
  33. DIY: Recovering A-pillar
  34. DIY: Camshaft Position Sensor Replacement
  35. DIY: E46 Camshaft Position Sensor
  36. DIY: C-Pillar Replacement
  37. DIY: Replace Control Arm Bushings
  38. DIY: Kmoy's $5 E46 Aux Cable (Lots of Pics)
  39. DIY Hiflow MAF Sensor Mod
  40. DIY: AC and Serpentine Belt Replacement
  41. DIY: Spark plug & DISA Replacement Videos
  42. Pictorial DIY: BMW E90 HomeLink/Temp/Compass/Anti Dazzle Mirror Retrofit to E46
  43. Pictorial DIY: BMW E46 Fan Clutch Removal & Engine Belts Change For Automatic Cars
  44. DIY: Custom Cold Air Intake
  45. DIY: GPS Mount Mod II
  46. Pictorial DIY: BMW Homelink UGDO Remote Control Module Installation on the E46 Sedan
  47. Pictorial DIY: E46 Sedan Exterior and Interior Door Handle LED install
  48. Pictorial DIY: No Holes PDC Electromagnetic Parking Sensors Installation
  49. Pictorial DIY: E46 OEM Rear Fog Lamps
  50. DIY: Rear subframe mounts/bushings (Famous clunk repair) Lots of pics
  51. DIY: E46 Sagging Pillar Felt / Pillar Removal
  52. DIY: Replacing the windshield cowl
  53. DIY: How to fix a leaky temp sensor o-ring for 59 cents
  54. DIY: Solidjake's DIY Videos
  55. Pictorial DIY: BMW E46 Parrot CK3000 / Connects 2 bluetooth install
  56. Pictorial DIY: E46 Sedan Rear Armrest Console Cup Holder OEM Modification
  57. DIY: E46 Key Battery Replacement
  58. DIY: Front & Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement
  59. DIY: Camcorder / Camera Mount
  60. Pictorial DIY: BMW E46 Sunshade Sunroof Final Fix
  61. DIY: BMW Business CD53 Radio Upgrade to Sirius, MP3 CD, Aux & iPod
  62. DIY: BMW Heated Steering Wheel Retrofit DIY Guide
  63. Pictorial DIY: BMW Heated Steering Wheel Retrofitted onto an E46
  64. DIY: Enhancing the E46 Integrated Bluetooth with a BMW Assist SOS Switch
  65. Video DIY: How to Easily Disassemble your E46 Console Armrest
  66. Pictorial DIY: Sagging E46 Front Bumper Fix
  67. Pictoral DIY: Restore Your Scratched BMW E46 Console to Factory New for only $6
  68. DIY: Instrument Cluster LED Conversion
  69. DIY: Window Switch LED Conversion
  70. DIY: $7 Custom Bin Cover DIY
  71. Pictorial DIY: DCT Sport Steptronic LED Shifter Retrofit
  72. DIY: Replacing Brake Pads & Rotors
  73. Pictorial DIY: Air Conditioning System 3 Minute Troubleshoot and Recharge
  74. DIY: E46 Clutch Delay Valve (CDV) Removal
  75. DIY: Brake Bleeding
  76. Pictorial DIY: Dirty Peeling Rubber Cupholder Console Trim Fix
  77. Pictorial DIY: BMW E46 M54 Idler, Tensioner and Water Pump Pulley Replacement
  78. DIY: E46 Facelift Quad-Xenon FX-R Retrofit
  79. DIY: ECS Tuning level II cooling system refresh + 3 cooling hoses (Step by step)
  80. Pictorial DIY: E46 Rear Window Regulator Quick Fix
  81. Pictorial DIY: Special Intensive Wash Program: Automatic Windshield Washing Function
  82. DIY: Headliner Replacement
  83. Pictorial DIY: E46 Rear Electric Sun Blind Retrofit DIY Instructions
  84. DIY: PDC (Park Distance Control) for 02-05 sedans
  85. DIY: Pre-2002 E46 Aux Input
  86. Pictorial DIY: E46 BM53 MK4 Navigation Integrated Bluetooth & Voice Command
  87. Pictoral DIY: Retrofit BMW E46 OEM Navigation 16:9 CD Monitor MK4 BM53
  88. DIY: Painting Stock Wheels
  89. Pictorial DIY: Guide To Your BMW E46 HVAC Automatic Climate Control Upgrade
  90. DIY: Aux-in for C43 Tape Deck
  91. DIY: E46 Radiator Replacement
  92. DIY: Center Console REFRESH!
  93. DIY: Front speaker aftermarket install
  94. DIY: FCAB and RTAB Replacement Videos
  95. DIY: Say Bye Bye To Night Vision Goggles. ZKW Content. Easiest Retrofit Ever !
  96. DIY: Custom Cold Air Intake (CAI)
  97. DIY Tips for Power Steering Pump/Hoses
  98. DIY: E46 steering angle sensor replacement
  99. DIY: E46 Brake Booster
  100. DIY: A & C Pillar Re-covering
  101. Pictorial DIY: E46 HVAC Automatic Climate Control Upgrade
  102. DIY: E46 GAS CAP/ SES warning light repair
  103. DIY: Oil Change with Oil Extractor
  104. DIY: Diagnosing and Replacing E46 Fuel Pump
  105. DIY: E46 3 series E-Brake Adjustment
  106. DIY: Front Sway Bar/ Stabilizer End-Link
  107. DIY: Bi-Xenon Shutter
  108. DIY: Check your BMW Engine Oil Level and Diagnose your Oil Leaks
  109. DIY: E46 320d m47n injector cleaning
  110. DIY: Manually opening convertible top
  111. DIY: Window Trim Plasti-dip
  112. DIY: HID Retrofit into Halogen Housing
  113. DIY: E46 Expansion Tank Removal Made Easy
  114. DIY: E46 Headlamp Washer Jet Replacement
  115. DIY: E46 Headlamp Washer Replacement
  116. DIY: BMW E46 Radiator
  117. DIY: How to PROPERLY smoke check
  118. DIY: Cabin Air MicroFilter Replacement
  119. DIY: Custom Tow Hook License Plate Bracket
  120. DIY: Automatic transmission thermostat
  121. DIY: Expansion Tank Replacement
  122. DIY: Door panel speaker rattle fix
  123. DIY: Tow Hook License Plate Bracket
  124. DIY: Additional info on E46 alternator replacement
  125. DIY: Leather Sport Seat Stitch Repair
  126. DIY: My method for removing vanos seals
  127. DIY: ZHP Black Cube Interior Repair
  128. DIY: Complete E46 Cooling Guide (Information w/ parts list)
  129. DIY: E46 Homemade Intake + Heatshield
  130. DIY: E46 Steering Angle Sensor
  131. DIY: Carbon key wrap
  132. DIY: ZF 5HP19 Reverse Drum Fix
  133. HOW TO: Access your trunk when your key is locked in it.
  134. DIY: E46 Gauge Carbon Fiber Bezel and Silver Rings Installation
  135. DIY: E46 Fix App
  136. DIY: Power Steering Reservoir O-Ring Replacement
  137. DIY: How to get rid of the nasty moldy A/C smell
  138. DIY: Harman Kardon Sub Replacement and Upgrade (E46)
  139. DIY: E46 brake caliper/rotor detail and paint
  140. DIY: Snap-in ignition coil upgrade
  141. DIY: Coupe - Locked Keys In Trunk - No Spare Key - No Ski Pkg -
  142. DIY: How to Disable E46 Steering Lock (without cutting or drilling!)
  143. DIY - E46 Sedan Non-HK Tweeter and Mid-Range upgrade for Under $60
  144. DIY: Clutch master cylinder replacement and bleeding
  145. DIY intermittent coolant level light fix E46
  146. DIY: Attention Sportwagon owners: Rear wiper fix!
  147. DIY: How To SAFELY Remove Your BMW E46 Alternator in 10 Easy Minutes!
  148. DIY: New Drug Bin Cover
  149. DIY - Chrome Grill
  150. DIY: E46 Front Wheel Bearing Replacement
  151. DIY E46 Spring Install (Warning PHOTO HEAVY)
  152. DIY: Replacement of turn signal stalk on a 2001 330xi
  153. DIY: Programing Transponder (The key part that starts the car)
  154. DIY: Fixing The Exhaust Stud Hole's In The Head.
  155. M54 Water Pump and Thermostat Complete DIY
  156. E46 Fan Clutch Removal DIY
  157. DIY Video: ECU control box cooling fan / Blower
  158. DIY: E46 key fob programming procedure video
  159. DIY M54 Rear Oxygen Sensors (Post Cat)
  160. DIY M54 Idle Control Valve Removal and Cleaning
  161. DIY: How to change the EGR thermostat on E46
  162. DIY Ignition Coils Fixed Cheap!!
  163. P0444 Evap Canister Purge Control Valve Repair
  164. DIY: Rear Taillight Gasket/Seal Replacement Alternative
  165. DIY: Absolute Easiest e46 Starter Replacement
  166. DIY: Sportswagon Glass hatch lock testing and repair.
  167. just bought a 2000 323ci convertible - top will unlatch, but not go down