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DCI and Miami Bimmer Club get together for a Key Largo Rally

Driver’s Club International (DCI) along with Miami Bimmer Club got together and went for a little drive over the weekend.  The event started in Pompano Beach, Florida and ended at there Marriott Key Largo, Florida.  The event had over 100 cars in attendance and over 225 people for a record attendance blowing away the expectations of many.

The operators of the event did a spectacular job to keep everyone safe and put together a route that was mostly free from traffic congestion and stop lights.  Everything was coordinated down to the minute and arrangements were made for parking as well as lunch and over night stays for those who wanted to make a weekend out of it.

Kudos go out to the coordinators of the DCI event and I am sure many are looking forward to it next year.  As photos get added to the DCI Key Largo Rally Thread, we will update this post so you can see just how great it was.

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