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BMW’s future M-type?

Our desires and wishes are reflected in that which we buy. Companies seek to find valuable insight to the consumer mind and market accordingly based on what we feel is necessary in our life. This is reflected strongly in the market of automobiles.  When we want power, they deliver.  BMW has always embodied this spirit of automotive excellence, and has always striven to accomplish this with their performance M-type vehicles.

We now face a future of further pushing the envelope when it comes to the type of performance car we seek.  BMW will be expanding their already prestigious M label to include not only more variants of existing models, but the hope of creating an option available for all M-type models to include all-wheel drive capability.  

It seems a natural course for BMW to take.  With an ever increasing demand for better, more powerful, platforms who could argue? Mercedes-Benz has a myriad of options from their AMG ‘skunk works’ and with the decidedly luxury brand having already encroached on the performance sector; BMW needs to re-dress their M-type vehicles as the definitive experience in performance automotive engineering.  The M-types superiority may never have been in question to those who have known the exhilarating embrace of a 135M, M3, or the new M2.  However, there is a veritable swath of the consumer market that might not have considered any of the M-types to be “practical”.


In a world where the market is ever expanding, so with it should expand the desire to define performance.  The M brand has always been revered in racing circles and enthusiast communities alike, now comes the time to expand the reach of the dominant grasp that is the M-type BMW.  An M6 with all-wheel drive, or an X1 M?  Either choice has the potential to rip you out of your perception of what was and catapult you into the future of gut wrenching performance. Where the option is open for BMW to take their electrically driven platforms and apply an M badge to the rear, which is likely all people will see aside from the blur.  This could very well lead BMW to competing with and perhaps dominating the current “high-performance” electric automobiles we know as Tesla.  BMW has brought out the true nature of performance before, and they are certainly poised to take it to a higher level.