The 5 Quietest BMW Models Available

A silent car is stunning. Quiet cars show that they are well-kept, as a louder car might signify troubles with the engine. BMW is one company that pushes for silent and quiet vehicles to make a more enjoyable drive. 

Younger drivers are more likely to own a BMW, but that doesn’t mean that numbers won’t change in the next few years. Once everyone sees the quietest BMW models on the market, they may change their minds for a more peaceful drive.

How to Keep Your BMW Quiet

BMW is known for its quiet engines. If your engine is warm and you go under a certain MPH depending on the model, you shouldn’t hear the car at all. Still, if you find yourself hearing the vehicle while seated in the cabin, you can take measures to dampen the noise.

Try out some of these methods when you can’t help but hear the noise your BMW makes.

  • Rubber Floor Mats: Rubber floor mats will absorb any additional noise coming from your car and help you tune out the noise from your engine.
  • Partition: If the noise is coming from your trunk, you can either remove the items or install a partition that can separate the cabin of your car from your storage space. While it won’t eliminate the noise, it may help deaden the sound.
  • Weatherstripping: Sometimes, the sound of the wind outside can leak in. Check the weatherstripping around your car. The rubber should deafen the sounds from outside, but if it seems to be rotting or falling off, either get someone to replace it or replace it yourself to keep your car running quietly.

The Quietest BMW Models on the Market

All BMW models have their pros and cons, but these models are renowned for how quiet they are — either all the time or most of the time. With the right conditions, you won’t hear your car at all. These cars range from brand-new to older and experienced. 

1. BMW M340i

This brand-new BMW is a 2022 edition, and it just may be the quietest car on this list. At almost 70 MPH, the sound only reaches 65dB — which is phenomenal, as that sound is hardly louder than a person’s voice. 

In addition to its lack of noise, it comes in various cool colors, dark and moody blues, greens and reds. It also boasts a locking glovebox with an anti-theft stereo, and you can access the car without a key — which makes getting ready in the morning so much easier.

2. BMW X7

This 2022 BMW model is a luxury sports activity vehicle with several models. The Alpina isn’t as quiet as the other BMW X7 models due to its powerful engine. Still, if you value the power of the Alpina, you may find it better that way, as most people prioritize luxury cars for the experience and exclusivity, not the sound of the engine. It sports fine leather interiors and is the largest edition of BMW available, seating up to seven people.

3. BMW X3

This model has been around for a while, but the 2022 edition has plenty of updates to help it compete with newer models. With its redesigned exterior and palette of fresh colors, the latest version of the BMW X3 picks up where older models left off and brings it up to today’s standards. These cars haven’t yet been released, but you can look forward to their multiple cameras that survey all angles and remote starting when it does release.

If you have the older version of this car, it may not be up to your standard. You might choose to work on it yourself instead of handing it over to a shop. With the correct tools, you can adjust your BMW yourself and ensure it’s still in its prime. Just make sure you have common resources like jacks, ramps, a mallet and more on hand so you can reach for them when you need them.

4. BMW i3 S

The BMW i3 of 2021 has two models: the original and the S. The i3 S is the sportier of the two, which means it might be a bit louder than the standard i3. It’s an electric car that drives pretty silently and offers a change of pace from gasoline — making it perfect for the climate-conscious BMW enthusiast. It isn’t a great family car, but it handles spectacularly for the individual driver.

5. BMW 335d

If you’re more in the mood for an older or used car, the BMW 335d is an excellent option for a first-time BMW owner or just someone who enjoys a taste of the silent engine. Old and reliable, this car is easily upgradable. While it may not be the most silent car, due in part to its age and the fact that it’s a diesel vehicle, once the engine is warm, you’ll find that it’s much quieter.

Find the Best BMW For Your Lifestyle

A silent car is fantastic, as it exudes luxury and helps you understand that you’re doing your best to be eco-friendly. BMW strives to keep its cars as silent as possible with high-performance thresholds for everyone. Though your BMW may not be as quiet as you’d like, you can take steps to make it even quieter — but even if it isn’t a silent car, it’s much quieter than other cars you may meet on the road.