Putting Together a BMW-Themed Birthday

If someone you know loves their Bimmer like a child, it only makes sense to include their passion in all their celebrations. That includes when you recognize yet another trip around the sun. 

It doesn’t take extraordinary effort to design a celebration that honors the one you love and their favorite ride. Here are eight tips for putting together a BMW-themed birthday party. 

1. Choose a Unifying Palette 

You already have somewhat of a party theme, but a car alone is not enough. This rule holds even if you have a new one wrapped in a bow waiting in the driveway. You want to showcase your sophistication from start to finish at this event. 

Your color scheme unites everything from your decor to your invitations, making them classy and tasteful. You can coordinate your color choices with the birthday girl or boy’s favorite ride. Alternatively, shades such as gold, silver, deep burgundy and purple make an elegant statement. 

2. Plan Your Party Menu 

The food is the highlight of any event — you want something both elegant and convenient. As a considerate host, you must also bear in mind that some people have food allergies. As such, it pays to educate yourself. 

It isn’t sufficient to pick nuts out of a salad or use the same spoon in more than one dish if cross-contamination may occur. For example, those with celiac disease can become severely ill from even a small amount of gluten, a protein found in wheat. 

Try to find easy and elegant dishes that cater to multiple dietary restrictions. For example, look for appetizers that are both vegan and gluten-free or nut-free yet paleo-friendly. 

3. Select the Ideal Venue 

There’s nothing wrong with hosting the party at your place. If you decide to do so, keep accessibility in mind if you have guests with mobility issues. You might not want to install grab bars, but a toilet riser can make it less awkward to transfer from a wheelchair to the seat. 

You can investigate outside options if you anticipate a large crowd. The best locations come complete with a scenic drive. If choosing between two venues, this feature might be the deciding factor. 

4. Amass Your Guest List 

How many people should you invite? Does the intended recipient enjoy a large bash, or would they prefer a smaller, more intimate affair? Consult with them first before you begin planning. Then, amass your guest list, reviewing it together — unless you are keeping it a surprise. 

5. Arrange Your Schedule of Events 

The best parties don’t include mixing and mingling exclusively. You want to plan a schedule of events to keep things active and exciting. 

If you’re hosting your venue at a place like a public park, take advantage of amenities like sand volleyball courts. If you’re throwing your bash at home, break out the games such as cornhole and badminton. 

Please remember the most important feature of this party — that sweet BMW. Perhaps your guest of honor can take folks for a spin and let them experience the impressive handling and performance for themselves. 

6. Design Your Invitations 

Invitations are a must if you want people to RSVP. Doing so allows you to get a headcount and plan your food portions. 

Keep your guests in mind — what might they need to know? For example, if you plan on having a pool party, your invitees need to bring their swimsuits. Are you planning on hiring a sitter so that guests with children can relax and enjoy some adult company? Be sure to inquire how many little ones you can expect to get all the help you need. 

7. Provide Entertainment for All Ages 

Even if you don’t go the sitter route, it’s wise to have something to occupy the little ones so that the adults can get a break. If you have children of your own, you might have a playset and toys. 

However, if you are child-free, consider getting a few games for the little ones. You could even hire a pro, such as a clown if you expect a large group. 

8. Plan a Sunset Send-Off 

As your party winds down to a close, it’s time for a sweet send-off. If you planned on giving them a BMW as a gift, now is the time for the big bow-wrapped reveal. 

If they already have their Bimmer, find a way to send them off in style. If they have children, perhaps you could offer to sit while they take off for the most scenic drive in your state. 

Throw the Ultimate BMW-Themed Birthday With These 8 Tips 

If your loved one’s ride is their pride, why not incorporate it into their celebration? Throw the ultimate BMW-themed birthday bash with the eight tips above.