How to Keep Your BMW Running Smoothly

Smooth is a word that comes out quite frequently when referencing BMW’s heralded luxury vehicles. Another buzzword for BMWphiles is “maintenance.” It’ll cost you a few shillings to keep that famously smooth driving experience happy and reliable.

Owning a car like a BMW takes a certain mindset. You’ve got to enjoy the ritual of maintaining it. Otherwise, you’ll lament the discomfort of repairing it. Neither one is cheap, but the former is much cheaper than the latter. Here are some suggestions to BMW owners new and old on how to keep a bimmer purring proudly.

Use BMW Parts

Yes, they cost more than the ones from China — but for good reason. There are people out there with enough knowledge of individual tolerances and running conditions to select where a given part might not need to be OEM. They’re called engineers. If you don’t know, don’t push it. BMW cars are known for being highly complex, and saving a few dollars on a part could lead to a larger spend down the road when something breaks. Just go for the OEM parts — it’ll help your resale value too!

Perform Regular Maintenance

Here’s a tip that’s just as valid no matter what marque your running. Some brands have reputations for going longer than others when they’re neglected. However, neglecting a BMW is just a good way to put a big dent in your wallet. You could save some money by performing accessible maintenance tasks at home. Put together a checklist to ensure that necessary maintenance tasks are completed on time. For advanced jobs, have a knowledgeable German car specialist on speed-dial.

Avoid Modifications

Whether it’s a car you’re buying used or you’re debating whether to make tweaks to your personal BMW, modifications can become precarious quickly. Particularly in the modern age of turbocharging when it’s so easy to extract major power increases with a few tweaks of your engine software, it can be tempting. But consider the additional load that extra power puts on the rest of your car’s running gear. Do you think the car was designed to handle that from the factory? Probably not.

The best way to get a faster car, the cheapest way to get a faster car is nearly always to buy a faster car. If you’re looking at overboosting your 335i to a power level that’s going to break the transmission, consider the cost of a new transmission and how well the car might drive after going through that surgery. Would that money buy an M3? Chances are, it might. And you’d be much happier.

Drive Responsibly

You and all the people around you on the road will be better off when you drive without making use of your BMW’s full capabilities at all times. But to speak to the topic at hand, the car will be happier too. It will run longer and smoother, and you’ll have to spend less on repairs. Again, this is where you protect that resell value. It’s alright to have some fun from time to time, but don’t be that guy. You know, the one who drives a BMW.