BMW Climate Control Hacks for Your Pet

Dog owners know there’s hardly anything as fun as going out on a playdate with your furry best friend. Whether you take them to the pet store to meet other dogs and pick out a bag of treats or drive to the dog park, it’s always great to explore the world together. 

While you’re driving around together, there are a few ways pet owners make their dogs more comfortable. You might get your smaller dog a tiny car seat or your bigger dog a harness seatbelt. They could prefer to fill the backseat with toys or ride with their head out of the window.

Those are great ways to have fun and stay safe on the road, but dog owners should also think about the interior temperature of the car. BMW has already thought of that with their Climate Control feature. Read on to learn more about why regulating your car’s temperature is so important and how you can use it in your BMW.

Why Pets Need Climate Control

Most dog owners frequently travel with their pets, which makes it crucial that those dogs are comfortable and safe. Safety restraints and seat protectors go a long way in protecting both the dog and the car, but temperature plays a significant role as well.

Some breeds, especially short-nosed brachycephalic breeds like pugs and bulldogs, and long-haired breeds that are more comfortable in cold weather, can experience heatstroke at temperatures as low as 90F.

On the other side of the coin, small breeds and those with short hair can start experiencing symptoms of canine hypothermia at 40-32F. Whether it’s hot or cold outside, if you’re leaving your pet in your car, you need climate control.

How BMW Climate Control Works

The controls are always located under the air vents between the front seats, regardless of the model of your BMW. Press the Auto button to begin the Climate Control system. Using the red and blue temperature adjustment buttons, set the temperature to whatever you prefer. As long as the Auto button is still on, the car will heat or cool to maintain the temperature you’ve set.

It will also adjust the fan speed according to how quickly it needs to regulate the temperature. It’s similar to Tesla’s “Dog Mode” which also includes a message on the console screen letting passersby know that your four-legged friend is comfortable in a climate-controlled environment.

BMW drivers in cold climates where it snows frequently will enjoy another aspect of Climate Control: it automatically senses the humidity in the car, so it adjusts that whenever you open the car door and let snow blow in. Climate Control also monitors the temperature of the windshield and will automatically defrost any snow or ice that collects on it overnight or while you’re in a store.

In the near future, you might be able to use BMW’s climate control features in more than just your favorite coupe or sedan. The manufacturer unveiled plans for the NorthFace Camper Futurelight Trailer early in 2019 — a portable camper that is designed to help you bring all the comforts of home out into the wilderness.

While BMW hasn’t announced any plans to include climate control features in its camper, it would be nice to be able to keep yourself or your furry friends comfortable out in the world.

What the Future Holds

BMW owners love the Climate Control feature because they don’t need to worry about fidgeting with the settings to keep their car at a comfortable temperature for their dog. It’s enough to make you wonder how this technology will advance in the future.

Even if you’re only running into the store for one thing, you should never leave your furry friends in a car without climate control technology. Technology like this will save canine lives in the future, as companies like BMW expand their current Climate Control programs.

For now, Climate Control makes car rides easier and more enjoyable for both dogs and their owners, so try it out in your BMW the next time you go for a drive.