BMW Gives the Mini Clubman a Well-Deserved Upgrade

BMW is a big fan of giving it’s vehicles a mid-cycle refresh, making small changes and upgrades to improve comfort, performance and the car’s aesthetic.

The second generation BMW Mini Clubman came out in 2015, which means that it’s long overdue for a refresh — and BMW finally delivered. Let’s take a closer look at this fantastic new Clubman and see what’s changed and what has stayed the same.

The Original 2nd Gen Clubman

The second generation Clubman hit highways in 2015 — while it’s not as sleek as the Cooper S that starred in The Italian Job in 2003, it’s nothing to shake your head at. Larger than the cooper, this 5-seater has three engine options — 1.5L 3-cylinder, and two 2.0L turbocharged 4 cylinders — all of which can be paired with either a 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic trans.

With three tire-size options, depending on the Clubman model you choose, there was easily something for everyone, whether you are using this compact little sedan to haul cargo or kids. It comes with all-wheel drive too, making it an ideal daily driver, regardless of the weather conditions.

What did BMW change with this latest mid-cycle refresh?

What’s Changed?

If three engine choices isn’t enough for you, BMW has delivered. The refreshed Clubman will have six options to choose from — three gasoline and three diesel. You still have the option to choose a six-speed manual transmission, but the eight-speed automatic swapped out for a seven-speed DCT gearbox. That’s it for the drive train changes through. Most of the changes are on the exterior of the vehicle, not under the hood.

The front end has received a rework, polishing some of the rough edges of the Gen 2 Clubman and redesigning the radiator grill. All of the traditional lamps — head, tail and fog lights — have been replaced with LEDs as standard equipment, and you can even opt to have a Union Jack design added to your tail lights.

The upgraded suspension lowers the Clubman’s by 10 millimeters and BMW traded in the aluminium wheels for light alloy alternatives. This refresh also adds new interior and exterior colors, including Piano Black for the exterior and leather trim and interior upgrades.

The stock infotainment system includes a six-speaker audio system, USB port and hands-free telephone addons when you hook up your phone via USB. The car is also equipped with a SIM card, so you’re constantly connected in the event of an accident. The onboard computer can even automatically detect your location and how severe an accident is

An Upgrade Well Deserved

It’s been four years since the second generation Clubman started rolling off the assembly lines, which means that it was long overdue for an upgrade. Most of the changes are limited to the car’s exterior and interior, but that doesn’t make this refresh any less exciting.

These new Clubman models are on sale in the UK now, so if you’ve been dreaming of adding a new car to your collection, now is the perfect time to sign on that dotted line and bring home a newly refreshed BMW Clubman.