Keep Your Beemer Sparkling Year-Round with These 5 Hacks

Your Beemer is your pride and joy, so it’s important to you to keep it looking its best at all times. Try these hacks to keep your ride shiny year-round.


Sometimes we forget that we need to dust our cars too until you’re out driving in the bright sunshine and you look at that black dashboard. A few common tools will help you keep every surface in your BMW free from dust. Use a cheap foam paintbrush to clean the AC vents and other hard-to-reach spots. The smaller the brush, the more places it will fit.

Keep the vacuum handy as you dust, so you’re not just moving the dust around. Hold the duster in one hand, and the vacuum in the other to pick up the dust as soon as you’ve released it. Don’t forget the knobs and buttons. Using the same technique of dusting with a brush keeping the vacuum cleaner handy, get all those buttons, handles, and knobs. When you dust, go deep, ingrained dirt is one of the  biggest health risks in a car.

Leather Surfaces

The leather in your Beemer requires special care. If something sticky gets on it, try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Make sure you get it nice and wet and rub only as hard as you need to get rid of the mess. Olive oil will condition the leather surfaces in your car. Put a very small amount on a clean cloth and rub it into seats and dashboard. Use it sparingly, or your car will smell like an Italian restaurant.

Floor Mats

Sometimes vacuuming the floor mats isn’t enough. When they get stained, spray them with stain remover and put them in the washing machine. Be sure to dry them thoroughly before you put them back in your car. You can also use upholstery cleaner on them.

Bugs on the Exterior

Remove bugs from your grille and bumpers with a dryer sheet soaked in water. Wet the car first, then wipe with the wet dryer sheet. Those pesky free-riding bugs will come right off.

Cloudy Headlights

This is an easy hack for headlights that have gotten cloudy. This is a safety issue as well as an aesthetic one, so get right on this.  Put some toothpaste on a rag and rub it on the headlight. Then just rinse it off, buff it with another rag, and you’re good to go. These handy hacks will keep your ride looking beautiful all year long.