Weekly News Roundup: BMW Confirms Quad-Turbo Diesel, Motorrad Introduces G310R and More…

In this week’s roundup, we’ve got announcements of new motors, bikes and models from your favorite German marque. From a new quad-turbo diesel to a fully-automated electric production car, BMW reminded the world this week that they live to innovate. And as always, we’re here to remind you that it was a great week to be a Bimmer fan. Check out the rest of the stories after the drop…

BMW Confirms New Quad-Turbo Diesel for 750d xDrive

Via Car and Driver…This week, BMW announced the development of a new motor that will power the Euro-only 750d xDrive, a four-turbo inline six diesel capable of 394hp and over 560 lb-ft of torque. Yes, you read that correctly. And to add to all that awesome, BMW has said that the torque is limited by the transmission, not the engine, meaning this powerplant will most likely be capable of changing the rotation of the earth when paired with a beefier gearbox. That leaves us with only one question, though – how do we get one?


BMW Announces Plans for Self-Driving Car by 2021

Via TechCrunch…At the annual BMW shareholders meeting in Munich this week, CEO Harald Krueger announced that by 2021, the German automaker will have a fully-automated, electrically driven vehicle in production, the BMW i NEXT. Krueger further elaborated on the future of self-driving vehicles from BMW, saying that while the marque has possessed the technology for sometime, there are still many difficult details to negotiate both legislatively and legally before the technology can enter mass production.


BMW Motorrad Begins Marketing the All-New G310R

Via AutoEvolution…After teasing details about the new bike during the fall and winter, BMW Motorrad has begun including the new G310R in their “Make Life a Ride” marketing campaign. The bike, which is the first small-displacement model in the marque’s history, looks to be aimed at the young, urban rider market. A far cry the storied sport touring models that the brand built their name on, the G310R is being marketed as the solution to the urban commute, the perfect tool with which to slice through today’s urban jungles.


Over 13,000 Users Signed in First Month of BMW Ride-Sharing Program

Via Motor Authority…In less than one month, over 13,000 users have signed up for BMW’s new ReachNow “premium car sharing service”. “The rapid adoption of ReachNow in Seattle is proof-positive of the demand for a premium car sharing alternative that provides an experience as convenient as owning a car,” said Marcus Krieg, Head of BMW’s Car Sharing Business division. BMW looks to challenge both the car-sharing market and eventually ride-sharing market by offering users a unique suite of mobility options, models and services.