2016 BMW M2 Close Up

The 2016 BMW M2 offers its driver and passengers a driving dynamic like no other small car in its class. The smooth refined chassis has been dialed in by BMW, resulting in better handling whether navigating a track day or the back roads. The 3.0L 365 horsepower turbo straight six gives the BMW M2 all the push it needs to zip towards 60 in just over 4.2 seconds, planting all that power with axles out of the M3 and M4.


As you enter the cabin of the new 2016 BMW M2, you are greeted with comfortable and supportive heated leather seats, and plenty of carbon fiber trim. BMW always gets the feel of their steering wheels right, perfect 10-2 position and it comes heated as an option. If you want to fill the cabin with fresh air, a one touch window option is right at your fingertips. Whether you select to shift the gears yourself with the rev matching six speed or let the computer do the work with the 7 speed DCT auto, the gear changes are smooth and effortless and they really put the power to the pavement. BMW makes it easy with the M2 packages, there is only one the Executive Package, which includes rear view camera, active drive assistant, and auto high beams. When it’s time to listen to your favorite song on those daily commutes, the 12 speaker Harman Kardon surround sound system fills the cabin with rich vibrant sound that’s music to anyone’s ears.  


The 2016 model year gives the BMW M2 four options for paint, the lone non-metallic Alpine White, or you pay a little more for the three metallic colors Long Beach Blue, Mineral Gray, and Black Sapphire. With the possibility of this car seeing track days, BMW has widened the stance and wheel wells to give way for wider and stickier Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, 245’s in the front and 265’s in the rear, rolling on forged alloy 19” wheels. There is no mistaking this car is an M car, with the M rear spoiler giving the car downforce, and the M2 badging at all sides of the vehicle. The BMW M2 is always seen by traffic with programmable LED daytime running lights and night time cruising made easy with the xenon adaptive headlights. Most people would think that because the car is small, you can’t fit anything in it. Trunk space while tight allows room for groceries or a couple of suit cases to last you a weekend getaway.  

BMW has proven yet again that big performance, can come in a small two door coupe with a fair price. The price at just over 50 grand gives the driver the M performance fun and doesn’t put a hurting on your wallet. So whether you are whipping the BMW M2 around the twisty corners at the track, or sipping your coffee while commuting the highway to work, the BMW M2 delivers in every aspect of performance, drivability, and comfort.  

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