The DEFINITIVE guide for selecting and sizing TIRES for PERFORMANCE

After years of testing and compiling data, user Stuntman finally condensed everything he has learned down into one article on How to PROPERLY select and size TIRES for PERFORMANCE.

“The most important part of your car is not the engine, suspension, or brakes. It’s the TIRES!!! This is because your car can only perform as well as the capability of its tires. I’m often asked which tire is best and what size to buy. In this article I discuss my methods for choosing and properly sizing the right tires. I’m not into the “hella-flush” or “stance” scenes so this article is focused towards those who care about the PERFORMANCE of their car, whether on the street or on the track.”

His article disproves a lot of common misconceptions (actually, almost every aspect of the tire from the UTQG and temperature to the labeled width of the tire) and challenges the typical thought process of how people look for new tires and gives a better alternative that will make sizing wheels and tires much easier in the future with less trial and error. The information  applies both for street cars as well as dedicated track cars.