4+1 Bimmers Which Made a Mark

It’s very hard not to like BMW cars, or at least appreciate them. This powerhouse Bavarian manufacturer made a very strong impact on the whole car industry with numerous quality models that were durable, fast, beautiful, and for the lack of the more appropriate word – fascinating. There is simply something special about the way Bimmers look and behave, which makes it very hard to mistake them for any other brand. The fact that this is the case all the way from the time when the first BMW, the 3/15, hit the market in the 1920’s makes it even more noteworthy. Now, let us try to find top five models that stand out the most.

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A truly epic model, and one of the most beautiful cars on the market two decades ago, the “dolphin shape” was sold in the period of 1990 through 2000, but it didn’t take too long for it to reach worldwide glory shortly after its release. There were 3 variants of this model, each of them with diesel or petrol powered engines with 1.6L, 1.8L and 2.5L capacity. The hatchback body style (also known as the BMW Compact) was introduced later, during 1994, and it eventually became very popular in Europe, but the fact that it totally misfired on the U.S. market, prevents this iconic model from being higher on the list.

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BMW 328 Homage

It’s not unusual for car manufacturers to give homage to their iconic vehicles of the past, but the choice of the model BMW paid the tribute to (BMW 328 was the one of the prettiest and most successful cars of the 1930s) and the way it pulled it off is nothing short of spectacular. Where to begin with? Powerful appearance, good choice of tires, fine matte leather interior, carbon fiber elements, they all make this car iconic. Unfortunately, Homage was never meant for customers, which leaves a bittersweet taste in the mouth and a hope that 328 legacy will survive beyond this concept idea.

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This 4-door sedan had its lifespan through the 1981-1988 period, but its overall qualities set the blueprint for various models that came out in the late 80s and well through the 90s. This was the breaking point when “old BMW” started to reassemble the beauty and the beast we know today. We are not talking only about the iconic look; this was the first sports sedan of its time and the car that launched the M5 legend that still lives today. It was also the first BMW to get the diesel engine.

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BMW 2002

Older (some would say clunkier) brother of BMW E28 was produced in the 1968-1975 period, so it served as a perfect foundation upon which the legendary model will be built, but don’t think for a second that rich lineage is 2002’s only merit. Despite having 2.0-liter four cylinder engine and only two doors, this strongest addition in the BMW’s Neue Klasse (New Class) lineup was the first to embody what the Bavarian cars stand for today – sedans that are actually pleasant to drive.

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The way these models are set in order shouldn’t be taken too literary, but there are two reasons which place BMW Z3 if just a little above the rest. First one is that Z3 was the first Bavarian-bred mass produced roadster that saw the light of the day. We still wonder why it didn’t come out before 1994. The second reason is that Z3 marked BMW’s entrance to James Bond franchise. Not as some throwaway car, but the flagship vehicle that surpassed legendary British manufacturers Aston Martin and Lotus on their own soil during a large chunk of the Pierce Brosnan era. So much for its mark on history.

So, these are four outings, plus one interesting concept, from the famous Bavarian manufacturer we find most interesting and influential. Don’t take it too seriously, though. BMW rarely misfires, so should you ever have an opportunity to get one of these Bimmers for yourself, don’t miss it.


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