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Keep Senior Drivers on the Road Safe: Drive Reliable Cars

Keep Senior Drivers on the Road Safe: Drive Reliable Cars

Dependable cars can help elderly drivers stay safe while on the road. As people age, physical and mental changes occur. Eye sights fail, reaction time diminishes and physical capability wanes. Statistics show that although elderly people are safer drivers because they observe speed limits, wear seatbelts and are not likely to drink and drive compared to other age groups, the probability that they suffer injuries and even die due to crashes is high because of aging vulnerabilities. These include bone fragility and medical conditions that make it difficult for the elderly drivers to recover from injuries after an accident. The stats are grim with 5,700 lives claimed and 236,000 injuries among senior drivers in 2014, according to the CDC and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (2016).

Preventing Deaths and Injuries Among Elderly Drivers

In 2015, there are over 40 million senior drivers in the US which represents a 50% increase compared to 1999 (US Department of Transportation Highway Statistics, 1999 and 2015). Given the high incidence of deaths and injuries among elderly drivers, there are some steps that can be taken to prevent these from happening. One is to make sure that medical conditions are managed including updating of prescription medications to minimize side effects. Eye sight must be checked at regular intervals and glasses or corrective lenses should be renewed. Other preventive measures that can be taken include planning routes, avoiding distractions and observing good driving practices (no tailgating, talking on the phone or listening to loud radio).

Driving a Safe Car

In addition, keeping vehicles maintained properly and serviced regularly will help in keeping seniors safe while driving. It is also of benefit if elderly people have a car that is technically sound. AAA reports indicate that an ideal car for a senior is something that is easy to get in and out of, while being comfortable. These cars must have safety features that are easy to use and activate. BMW, for instance is a respected brand when it comes to safety. Part of the success of BMW is that it offers several models for the customers to choose from. From active cameras helping drivers park seamlessly and lights that provide enough illumination, there is a make that suits senior drivers. In the future, the BMW brand will put self-driving cars on the road. When that day comes, there is no reason why seniors are not going to stay safe while driving on the road.