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Thread: Cabin electrical went down

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    Cabin electrical went down

    Hey guys, just bought a 1983 533i and it's my first car, so I'm new to this. The windows were intermittent for a while, then they quit. Then the windshield wipers and the rest of the interior electrical went down except for the gauges. Then the windows worked temporarily, and then they stopped as well. Now none of these are working. Help please? Thanks so much! - Odessa

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    window s usally r the sw's need to take apart & clean contacts- u need to clean ALL the grounds on chassis - bentley book & get a Elec Troubleshooting Manual from (ETM)
    a good multi / ohm / milli amps meter -HF harbor fright has them - free sometimes. - dont always trust a leed - use a lighted test tool ck'r - u can have ohms but connection can be weak enough to NOT flow enough currant.
    a lighted test lamp is a old skool way of "helping" to ck this . clean EVERY ground in car 1st - EVERY ground !! use di elec grease on all connectors. make sure u have the largest "reserve pwr" battery that fits - or bmw oem (ouch $) but all the pwr in the world matters - if a aft mkt raido is installed - MAKE SURE ITS RIGHT - they almost never r hooked up right (not a easy job to splice (oem) speaker wires in)
    & that is just for starting points -

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