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Thread: Self Leveling Suspension Advice Please

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    Self Leveling Suspension Advice Please

    Good morning.

    I have a 2013 520d touring, purchased last year.

    Each morning before I go to work I notice the rear suspension is sagged and appears very low. I appreciate there is self leveling suspension and when I switch the ignition on I can see it begin to level out and everything is fine when driving. However, should the rear suspension automatically revert to the sag position when the car is not in use? e.g. unused for a few hours or over night?

    The sag is even on both sides. And I have recently turned off the passenger side airbag as I needed to put in a child seat. Could switching off the airbag be contributing to this?


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    The airbag has nothing to do with that. Most likely, the rear air springs are leaking. It should not leak down over night.
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