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Thread: Purchasing my Dream car

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    Purchasing my Dream car

    E46. I've been on the forum for the last 2 weeks straight. This is my first post. I've got an idea of what I'm getting myself into on this one. I plan on buying one to work on and upgrade. suspension reinforcement/ subframe, short throw, and upgraded coolant system will get done first. Eventually though, I want coilovers and supercharger. So here's the question.

    Better to get something like this (stock with 50k or similar mileage) so I can enjoy the process of tuning, working on, and making the car my own.

    Or this (completely tuned with 99k) and miss out on the fun of doing it myself but save a decent amount of money.

    I realize this is completely subjective but I value your guys input.

    I'm currently leaning towards the former option.

    Edit: I think I've decided to not buy an already tuned m3. I'd like to enjoy the process. But what do you guys think about a low mileage e46 like the link above for 20k vs a higher mileage (100/115k) for the 11-13k price range? Thoughts?

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    You should absolutely buy a stock one and tune it yourself - even if it takes a long time; you'll appreciate it that much more in the end. Buying an already tuned car is no fun and you don't know exactly what headaches it'll bring you if needing to replace or adjust something. Best of luck!

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