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Thread: Continental DWS06 Thread

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    Continental DWS06 Thread

    With 48k on my 13 X3 M Sport, I have replaced the Pirelli P Zero Neros with the Continental DWS06.
    The rf that came with the vehicle were hard riding summer tires, though very aggressive.
    The Pirelli tires stunk. No other way to put it.
    Going into the Continental was an immediate noticeable improvement everywhere you would expect from a superior tire.
    I will be using these in New England this winter and driving on non maintained dirt and gravel as well as paved road and will update regularly if anyone wishes to follow.
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    The Continental DWS 06 is the all-season tire of choice for all of our cars.
    I'm sure that you'll enjoy its ride characteristics.
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    First update. I put 250 miles during the aftermath of the storm we had. I drove a mix of highway and slushy unplowed secondary roads. The temp was 22. Psi is 38 rear and 35 front.
    Handling was terrific. The grip is superior to the original rf and the Pirelli tires I was using. Between the stability and traction control along with these tires, I felt always in contact and control. More to follow.
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    They are the best all season that we have tested on the 3 Series. While they are not a winter tire they are as good as you can get.
    If I can ever help with anything let me know.

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