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Thread: E36 M3 only: Renew throttle valve potentiometer every inspection II ?

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    E36 M3 only: Renew throttle valve potentiometer every inspection II ?

    I found a inspection II service schedule, apparently from U.K. as they mention "bonnet" and "boot" and found that it lists to replace on the E36 M3 the throttle valve potentiometer every inspection II. So that would then refer to the S50 EURO engine,

    What is the reason or problem to change the potentiometer so often?


    VEHICLE RAISED ON HOIST:- Engine at operating Temperature
    Remove Engine shield.
    Drain engine oil and replace oil filter and sump plug washer.
    Check transmission for leaks including coolant line of final drive.
    Drain Automatic Transmission oil (except 5hp30).
    Refill automatic transmission (transmissions without dipstick only).
    Change manual transmission oil all models (except E36 [M40,M42,M50] E34 [M40,M50,M60] and E31 [M70] engines which are to be changed every second inspII service).
    Replace rear axle oil (E38 Every 2nd inspection II).
    Replace oil in transfer box and front axle final drive (4WD).
    Check clutch driven plate for wear, every 2nd Inspection II.
    Renew main fuel filter: Petrol engines every 2nd Inspection II.
    Check P.A.S system for leaks.
    Check radiator bottom hose for leaks.
    Check driveshaft gaiters for leaks.
    Check Steering for freedom from play.
    Check condition of track rod and front axle ball joints.
    Check steering box for leaks, check UJs couplings and flexible gaiters.
    Check all connections and lines on braking system for leaks, damage and correct position including handbrake cables and bleed nipple covers.
    Check Fuel pipes, tank and connections for leaks, damage and position.
    Check condition, position and mounting of exhaust system
    Inspect underside of body for corrosion/underseal damage etc (every 2 years except E30).
    Refit engine shield.
    Remove road wheels.
    Remove brake pads/linings, clean and check for wear.
    Check wheel cylinders and dust seals for leaks.
    Check brake disc/drum surface.
    Check handbrake lever travel, movement of handbrake cables and adjustment.
    Check on rear disc brake models, handbrake lining wear.
    Grease wheel centring spigots for alloy wheels.
    Check shock absorbers for leaks.
    Check torque of wheel air deflector E34/M5 1st inspection II only.
    Refit road wheels.
    Check condition of tyres if uneven wear recommend wheel alignment check.
    Inspect bodywork for corrosion, stone chips, damage or contamination (every 2 years except E30).
    Check fluid level concentration of screen wash reservoir.
    Refill engine oil.
    Refill automatic transmission oil.
    Remove spark plugs.
    Check and adjust valve clearances. Replace rocker cover gasket.
    Renew spark plugs.
    Lubricate door mechanism hinges.
    Replace Micro-filter and active carbon filter (if applicable) in heating/air con system.
    Replace air recirculation filter: Every 2nd inspection II (if applicable).
    E31 only: Clean intake-air separator in front of intake air silencer.
    Renew air intake filter.
    Check P.A.S hose clips for tightness & P.A.S fluid level.
    Check brake system connections including ABS for tightness and positioning.
    Lubricate throttle linkages and gate mechanisms on Carburettor models.
    Check clutch hose connections for tightness and positioning.
    Check clutch fluid level.
    Check brake fluid level (renew fluid every 2 years, 750i annually).
    Check battery acid level.
    Carry out battery condition check, use battery test report.
    Check condition/tightness coolant hoses.
    Check tension/condition of all V belts (except M70 engine).
    Replace all V belts E34/M5 only (S38 engine).
    Check coolant level and concentration (renew every 3 years) (M3/M5 every 2 years).
    Self levelling suspension: check fluid level.
    Check spare wheel condition.
    Check wheel stud torque and tyre pressures.
    Check intensive cleaner level.
    Check correct operation of lambda probe.
    Replace fire extinguisher cartridge annually.
    E36 M3 only: Renew throttle valve potentiometer.
    Replace toothed cambelt M20 & M40 engines.
    Cars with distributor; check the dwell angle and adjust ignition timing if necessary.
    Call up information on defects stored in diagnosis system.
    Check EML safety path circuit.
    Check idle speed except on vehicles with idle speed control.
    Check CO reading (except catalyst version).
    Side lights.
    Dipped beam.
    Main beam.
    Headlight flasher.
    Foglights/Driving lights.
    Indicators and side repeaters.
    Hazard warning flashers.
    Parking lights.
    Check beam settings.
    Side lights
    Number plate light.
    Brake lights.
    Reversing lights.
    Fog lights.
    Hazard warning flashers.
    Boot interior lamp.
    Interior and reading lights.
    Ashtray lights.
    Glovebox light.
    Panel lights including dimmer.
    Clock light.
    Switches and heater control lighting.
    Check all warning lights including Active check control.
    Check operation of heater/vent controls and blower.
    Check operation of door mirrors.
    Check horn all segments.
    Check operation of sunroof.
    Check operation of convertable roof. (Mmmmm).
    Check condition, operation of seat belts.
    Check wipers, blades, jet aim on windscreen and headlight washer systems.
    Check engine compartment light.
    Check door, bonnet & boot locks and striker plates adjustment and lubrication.
    Check engine operation.
    Check clutch operation.
    Check transmission operation including EH gearbox.
    Check steering operation.
    Check steering wheel alignment.
    Check foot brake operation.
    Check handbrake balance-on cars fitted with rear discs: bed in handbrake.
    Check wheel balance.
    Check propshaft balance.
    Check speedometer operation.
    Check distance and trip recorder operation.
    Check engine revolution counter operation.
    Check temperature gauge operation.
    Check fuel gauge operation.
    Check fuel consumption gauge operation.
    Check heater/air conditioning operation.
    Check on-board computer operation including head-up display.
    Check for wind noise, rattles etc.
    Check ATF level
    Activate Service interval indicator
    Ensure handbook service record is completed.

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    E36 M3 only: Renew throttle valve potentiometer every inspection II ?

    I don't have the answer to your question but I am wondering: why e36 only?

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    Why not? its only $30 for an OE part 13 63 7 840 383
    Quote Originally Posted by TommytheTit View Post
    I have a 98 e36 m3 and my 0 to 60 is like 8 seconds what is happening to the car how is that possible can anybody help
    Quote Originally Posted by MisterM52 View Post
    If you fail to see the irony of your own rather inexperienced novice post of getting woed by spilling some oil or water on a belt, and asking us what we think from our experience, then prepare to be mocked by some
    Quote Originally Posted by turnerm3 View Post
    I know some v8 guys will unplug the spark plugs to just run 4 cylinders and save gas so i dunno how that works but whatever

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    As the OP noted, this inspection list applies to the ROW engine, the S50B30 and not the engine (S50) sent to North America. The euro sensor is closer to $90 in cost as well.

    This thread has been moved to the Euro E36 M3 sub-forum. Maybe someone here knows why replacement is suggested at Inspec II. Who knows how correct/accurate the manual publisher is. Mistakes in the Bentley manual are reported often...

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    I assume the list is not from a Bentley repair manual, as Bentley does not cover EURO versions, and the list uses British English like bonnet and boot.
    It is probably a copy of the original maintenance schedule handbook, in Germany they call it Scheckheft which includes the detailed "Wartungsplan" = maintenance schedule.

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    It's an easy component to test with a multimeter and a very easy one to replace if it is faulty. The symptoms (idle problems) are also obvious.

    To be honest, I doubt BMW ever does half the things on the list. For example I asked the main Sydney dealer about checking my valve clearances because I didn't have the tool and they said they didn't have it either and have never had one. Apparently no Australian S50 engines have ever had their valves adjusted by BMW. They told me they were unlikely to ever go out of adjustment. I am not kidding you. This and "life long lubricants" are examples of how much BMW cares about looking after their cars once they have sold them. Lucky they are very tough engines. I sourced my own shim removal and camshaft timing tools from Germany and don't let anyone else touch my car now, especially the first year apprentice the local BMW dealership with put on "these old cars".

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    Do you have the nominal test data for the S50B30? I only have the ones for the M50 from a German E34 forum:
    Test Drosselklappenpotentiometer M50-Motoren :
    Der Poti ist an der rechten Seite der Drosselklappe befestigt und lässt sich nicht einstellen. Die Motronik schickt ein Spannungssignal an das Poti und misst die zurückgegeben Spannung. Die Spannung wird kleiner wenn sich die Drosselklappe öffnet.

    Test 1 :
    - Stecker abziehen
    - Zündung an
    - Spannung am Stecker messen. Sollwert 5VDC (ungefähr)
    Test 2 :
    - Stecker abziehen
    - Ohmmeter anschließen
    - Drosselklappe öffnen und Werte messen :
    Pin 1 zu Pin 3 : ca. 4.0 KOhm
    Pin 1 zu Pin 2 : ca. 1.0 bis 4.0 KOhm
    Öffnet man jetzt langsam die Drosselklappe dann muss der Wert von 1.0 KOhm nach 4.0 KOhm (jeweils Anschlag zu Anschlag) sich ändern. Ist dies nicht der Fall, Poti tauschen. Poti lässt sich nicht einstellen.

    Translated: Test Throttle potentiometer M50 engines :
    The potentiometer is mounted on the right side of the throttle valve and can not be adjusted . The Motronik sends a voltage signal to the potentiometer and measures the voltage returns . The voltage is small when the throttle opens .
    Test 1 :
    - Pull connector
    - switch ignition on
    - Measure the voltage at the plug . Setpoint 5VDC (approx)

    Test 2:
    - Pull connector
    - Connect the ohmmeter
    - open throttle and measured values ​​:
    Pin 1 to Pin 3 : about 4.0 Kohm
    Pin 1 to Pin 2 : about 1.0 to 4.0 ohms
    When you then open slowly the throttle the value must change from 1.0 ohms to 4.0 ohms ( each stop to stop ). If this is not the case , replace Potentiometer . The potentiometer is not adjustable .

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    The TPS is the same as on the front of the S54 throttles. Much easier for us North Americans to source, one of the few engine sensors that is shared amongst different regional models. My philosophy on owning an older car is that these sensors and other bolt on components are approaching 20 years of use in an extreme environment. They are brittle, heat cycled and likely corroded. In the past year I have systematically replaced TPS, all three knocks, the crank case vent hoses, rebuilt the vanos, Wideband ego, both cam sensors and crank speed sensor, If I could get my hands on a new engine harness I would likely do that as well. Relays are next on my list as soon as I can find solid documentation on them. All the wiring diagrams I look at have the normal style square multi coloured relays. I have smaller rectangular black ones in their place. Fuel, O2, and DME/main would be nice to replace.

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    S54: if that is the same, I found on a Z3 forum these values from 2006 for testing the TPS
    Just in case the pic disappears, I post it here:

    Technical data - typical
    type 1
    1 & 2.......................-------.......................3000 ohm approx.
    1 & 3....................throttle closed...............3000 ohm approx.
    1 & 3....................throttle fully open...........1000 ohm approx.

    type 2
    1 & 2...................----------.......................3000 ohm approx.
    1 & 3..................throotle closed................3000 ohm approx.
    1 & 3..................throttle fully open............1000 ohm approx.

    -ensure ignition switched off
    -disconnect TP-sensor multi-plug
    -check resistance between TP sensor terminals

    checking earth connection - technical data, typical
    earth terminal & earth.....0 volt approx.

    Note: probing TP sensor terminals should reveal one terminal with a voltage at or near 0 volt, one terminal with a voltage at or near 5 V and one terminal with a variable voltage depending upon throttle position.
    -ensure ignition switched off
    -do not disconnect multi-plug. Access TP-sensor multi-plug terminals
    -switch ignition on
    check voltage between TP-sensor terminal and earth

    A bit puzzling though - nothing like the kind of resistance readings I'm getting. I wonder if the S50 engine had a different TPS to the S54?
    Nope, same one, part # 13631402143. Interestingly, the BMW parts list refers to it as a "4Kohm". The above info' is from Autodata.


    13631402143 THROTTLE VALVE SWITCH 4 KOHM , From:03/01/1994 To:08/13/2007 (ENDED) ,Superseded by: 13637840383 (07/01/2007 — ), Exchangeable retrospectively
    13637840383 THROTTLE VALVE SWITCH 4 KOHM From: 07/01/2007 To:- Supersedes: 13631402143(03/01/1994 — 08/13/2007), Part 13637840383 was found on the following vehicles:
    •3' E36   (03/1992 — 08/1999), •3' E46 (07/1999 — 08/2006), •5' E34 (07/1991 — 08/1995), •5' E39 (10/1997 — 06/2003), •Z3 E36 (04/1996 — 05/2002), •Z4 E85 (11/2004 — 08/2008), •Z4 E86 (10/2005 — 08/2008),•Z8 E52   (12/1998 — 07/2003)

    Part 13637840383 was found on the following E36 vehicles:•3' E36, M3, Convertible, S50, MANUAL, EUR, (BJ91), (BJ92), (BK91), (BK92),•3' E36, M3, Coupe, S50, MANUAL, EUR, (BF91), (BF92), (BF99), (BG91), (BG92), •3' E36, M3, Sedan, S50, MANUAL, EUR, (CB91), (CB92), (CD91), (CD92)
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    Quote Originally Posted by shogun View Post
    A bit puzzling though - nothing like the kind of resistance readings I'm getting.
    Maybe some component goes bad over time changing the resistance values, and that's why they recommend changing it?

    But then I guess they would recommend changing it on the S54 as well... Unless the cause has something to do with the S50 -- Heat, engine bay setup, or something?

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    I don't recall this part mentioned in my original M3 service booklet, but then again, inspection 2 is a long list. I'll check it when I get home.
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    Ok so I checked both the inspection I and II sheet that is listed at the back of my EU M3's service manual and it does not list the TPS at all.

    Mine is a German market car, with a German serivice manual. I'd be surprised if another countries version of the inspection I/II points listed, does include it.
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