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Thread: 2001 BMW 740i Sport - Orient Blue Pearl Beige - Reduced - No Longer Available

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    2001 BMW 740i Sport - Orient Blue Pearl Beige - Reduced - No Longer Available

    2001 BMW 740i Sport - Orient Blue Pearl Beige - Reduced

    Selling my 2001 740i Sport Orient Blue with Individual Pearl Beige interior. Car currently has 118K miles. I'm located in Northern New Jersey. There were three previous owners. I purchased the car with 111K miles almost two years ago. Reason why I am selling is because I am trying to downsize on my cars. I am a BMW guy currently owning an e36 m3, e46 m3 and an f80 m3. This car would be considered my "gotta have it" car. It sits most of the time in my garage.?

    The car runs excellent. There are no running problems with it. Much maintenance has been addressed including complete cooling system replacement, transmission replacement (from previous owner) and many other items. Recently, one of the headlight washer nozzles was lost (another common item on an e38). I would suggest that both sides be replaced as they are looking slightly tired.

    The body is excellent shape. There are some small scratches and dings. I've tried to take pictures of them. Imperfections are hard to avoid for a car this age.

    The interior is impeccable. The pearl beige interior with the blue dash, door panels and carpeting is something to behold. One couldn't find a better condition interior.

    Unique to this particular car is that BMW NA has borrowed it for their press release of the new G11/G12 7 series. They had picked it for its condition as well as the color combination representative of the e38 series. I can discuss with the potential owner all the positive talk the vehicle received from the press release event. Let's just say this e38 was given a tremendous amount of love! I will also include a couple USB thumb drives given to me as a gift from BMW of the press release which contains many more pictures of this e38.

    I have ALL the paperwork including the VHS tapes which originally came with the car.

    I have much invested in this car. I just hope it can find a new owner who will appreciate it's inherent beauty!

    Located in Northern NJ (25 minutes from NYC).
    More pictures here:

    Asking $13,000.
    Reduced to $11,500.

    I can be reached at

    List Date: 7/19/2016

    For more info, click here to view the original listing: 2001 BMW 740i Sport - Orient Blue Pearl Beige - Reduced
    This item is no longer available.


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    Car is still for sale.

    I have been asked a few questions:

    Q: Is the headliner sagging?
    A: Absolutely not. The headliner looks absolutely perfect. The general history of this car is that it was kept indoors.

    Q: Why weren't the timing chains done?
    A: Oil pan was dropped at 112K miles for precautionary reasons. There were no signs of the timing chain guides being compromised.

    Q: Why are you asking more than other E38s?
    A: I need the money. J/K

    All three questions above seem to be inter-related. First, the condition of the vehicle is immaculate. Yes it has a few imperfections but which are very consistent with the age. And yes the imperfections are done very close up because I can't get the camera to lock focus any further away.
    But back to the condition. I'm beginning to see a trend: vehicle maintenance over it's life vs value. Let's take for example, the lack of my sagging headliner. This has come up a couple times from prospective buyers. My e38 didn't get any special glue from BMW to keep it's headliner from sagging. It simply wasn't an outdoor car. Outdoor cars get beat up over time plain and simple.
    Timing chains were not done. But why? Same reason as I don't have a droopy headliner. Likely, every owner of this vehicle took care of it beyond a normal car. So when the oil pan was dropped and everything checked out, there was no reason to pull the engine apart for a timing chain. The car didn't sound, drive or behave in any way that would have necessitated a timing chain replacement. In fact, there isn't a single thing this car needs to have done. Anything that it needs is purely out of preventative maintenance which it received throughout it's entire life. That preventative maintenance may be the difference between a truly NICE example of an e38 or the regurgitations that keep coming back out on the market due to neglect. Yes, it is the poorly maintained ones which drop the value. If every e38 for sale was maintained exceptionally well then maybe we would see average prices around $10K-$12K. In fact, these cars should be more valuable than the e65s... but they are not mainly because they fell into the wrong hands. It's a sad market for the e38. There are less and less of the fine examples and more and more frankensteins that shutter the values. So poor maintenance leads to many things going wrong... timing chains for example. I looked at an imola red e38 prior to this. It had it's timing chain done. But, the leather inside was rock hard, it had dents in the hood, paint was fading and the wood on the dash was cracked in many many places plus a lot more issues. Seems as though the general condition of that car was also a sign of the overall lack of care for the car. Could it be that the timing chains went because the owner didn't care for the vehicle? The seller was asking $8K because it was an 01 and was imola red. I passed. Even with it's timing chains done, the car looked ragged. It takes much more time and money than timing chains when you are trying to restore everything else. What of those other 200K+ m62tu engines still running without timing chains? Did they get special bulletproof timing chain guides from BMW?

    So when someone asks why is it more? Simply answer is the condition is nearly flawless. For a car to be 15 years old and still have the pearl interior look as good as it does... EVERY PREVIOUS AND CURRENT OWNER TOOK CARE OF THIS CAR. This leads to that simple question to those prospective buyers. Why are you comparing this car to a cheaper one unless we are talking apples to apples?
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