A whisper in the night… BMW NA brings us an i8 for us to look at.

Many thanks go out to Marcelo Sanchez and BMW NA for bringing by a BMW i8. BMW NA allowed members to get up close and personal with the new innovations that are coming for the future. The pictures do not do the car justice. Its hybrid drive-train means it arrives in silence but the ooohs and aaas that follow it are almost deafening. It’s supercar looks draw attention from everyone it passes, but then just that quickly the ghost disappears into the night thanks to its 357hp and 420ft-lbs of torque. You will not have to stop for gas often with it’s combined EPA rating of 76mpg, but when you do, be prepared for passers by to ask if they can get selfies with the car.

Video from CES of an M235i drifting … itself

This BMW M235i is claimed to be the next step in autonomous driving: a car that will not only drive itself, but that can perform extreme manoeuvres like drifting. This official BMW video shows the car drifting car with no input from the driver.

BMW has shown a version of its forthcoming M235i coupe at the 2014 CES show which is capable of drifting with no input from the driver. The research prototype demonstrates what BMW says is an essential component of autonomous driving – the ability to safely master extreme driving situations. This official video from BMW shows the M235i driving and drifting on track ahead of its CES reveal.

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A Trip to Munich … European Delivery Relived

Picking up your new BMW in Munich is the start of an unbelievable experience. The BMW Welt is home to automobile exhibitions, an automobile delivery center and an event hub all under one roof. Customers and visitors are provided with a closer-than-ever insight into all aspects of the BMW brand. A wide range of events and exhibitions housed in the striking double cone, automobile displays as well as impressive BMW technology and design exhibits ensure that a visit to BMW Welt is a day to remember.

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