Follow along as AquilaBMW takes a Little Road Trip Across America

Recently, I decided to it was time to do a proper road trip and head out again. This time, I wanted to take some time to literally smell the Roses or whatever plant or flower was particular to whichever state I planned on visiting. This time around, I would actually take time to enjoy the trip other than just flying down interstate highways and the like.

Are you following along as AquilaBMW  drives cross country in his E39 M5?  He’s posting updates all the time with some great photos captured from places most people only see from the air in a pressurized cabin from 30,000+ feet in the air.  Stop and take a gander at some of the natural wonders that are just a drive away.

2016 BMW M5 Pure Metal Silver Limited Edition

This special edition comes with an M dual clutch transmission enabling 0 to 60 mph acceleration runs in just 3.9 seconds thanks to a 4.4 liter, high reving V8 turbocharged engine. An increase in boost pressure and upgrades to the engine raise the car’s performance by 40 hp to 600 hp. At the same time, maximum torque has increased by 16 lb-ft. The standard Competition Package has been enhanced to include 20-inch forged wheels. The Competition Package also lowers the vehicle by 0.4 inches with a firmer springs and shocks. In addition, the M Dynamic Mode has been specifically aligned to greater agility.

The BMW M Division has developed the exclusive BMW M5 Pure Metal Silver Limited Edition of which 50 units will be produced for the US only. The high performance business sedan, featuring the unique paint color Pure Metal Silver has an increased power output of 600 hp and maximum torque of 516 lb-ft.The BMW M5 Pure Metal Silver Limited Edition ranks among the most powerful automobiles in the model history of the BMW brand.

As exclusive body color Pure Metal Silver, consistent of a unique BMW Individual paint layering process embellishes this limited edition. Due to the unique application process, creating a special light dark effect, Pure Metal Silver is BMW Individuals most exclusive paint job available. Its silk skin and high metal brilliance reflect light more intensely than any other color. Responsible for this unique metal gleam is the combination of a special effect pigment with a water base paint system. Hundreds of thousands of ultra thin aluminum flakes guarantee a uniform and gleaming surface. Painting a vehicle in this color is extremely delicate and requires a lot of detailed hand work. The vehicle is completely removed from the regular production processes and the surface of the car is checked three times until the surface is 100% perfect. After the paint preparation the chassis is carefully examined where any uneven elements are smoothed by hand. To achieve the Pure Metal Silver look the chassis needs a glossy and smooth surface utilizing a Glacier Silver Metal base coat. One more surface check is completed prior to the application of the final coating. After cleaning the vehicle with compressed air, Pure Metal Silver is applied. The finishing specialist polishes and examines the vehicle one last time by hand before the chassis leaves the paint shop.The combination of perfect craftsmanship and computer controlled manufacturing guarantees the high quality and exclusive look of the limited edition BMW M5 Pure Metal Silver.*2016-BMW-M5-Pure-Metal-Silver-Limited-Edition

Coming Soon AquilaBMW’s Freedom Tour 2016

That’s right… another member is about to undertake another EPIC journey across the country in his E39 M5.  Sometime soon, some of you might just catch a glimpse of this Imola Red E39 M5 as it is crossing  our great country.  Could this be the ultimate cross country mile muncher? What is your favorite car to drive cross country in?

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Building a cross country car

Today, I put the car on jack stands to listen to the engine and drive train while it’s running. In the past, with the engine running, there was always this seemingly marble in a can sound. I was first very concerned that it might be the rod bearings. I’ve had a couple of very knowledgeable people listen to the car and the opinion was that it was something loose in the engine area, but not the engine itself. It was not the chains or the guides and a friend stated that if it was the rod bearings, the engine should have exploded over the last few thousand miles of driving which has included a few long distance trips.

You can check out his thread starting the road trip here.

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